IKEA's First-Ever Style Guide Predicts These 4 Design Movements Take Off In 2024

When you think about the way design shapes the world we live in, IKEA is likely at the forefront of your mind. Their pieces are affordable yet reliable; the DIY world adores how they can personalize the furniture. It's one of the most popular home stores in the world. So when IKEA releases a style guide—namely, its first ever—we listen. The debut guide four emerging interior design movements: warm minimalism, Swedish roots, modern playfulness, and Scandinavian folklore. In a world in which, according to IKEA, 51% of those surveyed say that “home is their favorite place to be,” it’s no wonder we’re always trying to find a style that speaks to us. For each style in the guide, the furniture giant offers design tips, color palettes, product recommendations, and—in classic IKEA fashion—room inspo.

Warm Minimalism

Warm minimalism prioritizes playfulness and functionality, and it highlights calming colors like deep, warm, muted blues, browns, and pinks. Clean lines, geometric patterns, and natural materials like warm wood create a space that feels put together and welcoming.

Swedish Roots

As the name implies, this style highlights the way of life in Sweden, which the guide says focuses on family and comfortable gatherings indoors and outdoors. Consider going modern and playful for this aesthetic while maintaining that classic IKEA organization. Swedish design features abundant natural tones and blonde woods to create casual spaces that still feel elevated.

Scandinavian Folklore

This whimsical trend is inspired by rural life in Sweden at the turn of the 20th century—simple and rustic furniture and natural decor and accessories. Incorporate lots of plants, greens, and yellows. The inclusion of greenery is backed up with data: IKEA found that 20% of survey respondents “reported connecting with nature to feel content and at ease.”

Modern Playfulness

Much more colorful than the other aesthetics found in this style guide, modern playfulness still includes notes of natural woods to ground it.

"Get experimental and strive for playful contrasts by mixing metals and soft textiles, warm woods and cool plastics, clean lines with organic shapes," the guide reads. Think urban, playful, and eclectic design brought together with bold and lively patterns and muted neutrals. If you're ready to take on one (or more) of these trends in your own home, check out IKEA's full 2024 style guide here for a further breakdown of each movement.

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