Ikea room divider ideas – 9 clever ways to arrange your space

1. Divide A Bedroom With A Wardrobe

A walk-in closet is a sought-after addition to a bedroom, helping keep clutter out of your sleep space. Rather than go to the trouble of building a partition wall to create one, why not zone the space using a closet or shelving unit which will double as a bedroom storage idea?

2. Use Open Shelving

Using open living room shelving ideas to divide a space is a fabulous way to zone separate areas in an open-plan living room while also providing essential storage.

3. Combine Closed And Open Storage

Ikea's Kallax shelving system is a wonderful flexible furniture solution for dividing open-plan living spaces as it can be arranged in multiple ways, plus it gives the option to combine closed or open storage. Depending on your storage needs, the modular units can be customized with either fitted doors, drawer inserts, or filled with baskets to create handy concealed storage, or they can be left open for displaying more decorative items.

4. Create An Office Space

Many do not have the luxury of a separate room to use as a home office, so often the living room or bedroom doubles as a workspace. To maintain a work-life balance it's important to screen off an area in some way. 'Creating a little privacy for working or studying at home helps with focus and allows the opportunity to switch off from work when the evening arrives,' says Becky Martin, interior design leader, IKEA UK, and Ireland.

5. Divide A Room With A Curtain

'Using fabric or curtain ideas to divide open-plan spaces is a solution that’s very quick and easy to change throughout the day,' says Becky Martin, interior design Leader, IKEA UK and Ireland.

6. Create A Living Wall

'One of our favorite solutions to inspire our customers in-store is to use a portable clothes rack like RIGGA as a growing station and room divider in one. It’s affordable and easy to move around the home. With some houseplants placed on the base shelf and a few hanging planters from the rail, you can create your very own indoor green wall,' suggests Becky Martin.

7. Separate Workspace From Relaxation Space

With many more of us working from home, bedroom office ideas are becoming more and more popular. If you're having a bedroom layout with a desk it's important that your workspace does not encroach on relaxation space.

8. Choose A Simple Folding Screen

Lightweight and portable, freestanding room divider ideas can be folded out to create a room within a room in seconds and can easily be moved throughout the day, plus they can be easily folded back and stored flat to open up a living space when not in use.

9. Let The Light In

With its translucent panels, Ikea's RISÖR room divider creates a physical divide without blocking the light making it a great solution for a home office or craft room area where plenty of natural light is essential. The surface could also double as a creative mood board area or a place for decorating with art.

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