Ikea laundry room ideas – 10 organized and stylish spaces

1. Maximize Storage

Storage is essential in a laundry room and closed cabinets are a great way to conceal those cleaning items nobody wants to see. Here tall Sektion cabinets from Ikea are combined with base cabinets and two-tier wall cabinets to make maximum use of the wall space and create a clean, uncluttered look. Interior designer Heidi Kliewer of Heidi Noelle Design elevated the cabinets with white shaker doors from Semihandmade and teamed them with dark navy walls, a marble-look worktop, and burnished handles to bring a touch of glamour.

2. Factor In Space For Hanging Clothes

When designing a laundry room it's a good idea to factor in space for clothes to air or drip dry, especially if you have lots of wool or cashmere garments that cannot go in the tumble dryer. Ikea's BOAXEL wall-mounted laundry system features clothes rails, drying rails, shelves, and mesh baskets which allows you to arrange the perfect laundry station for clothes and detergents.

3. Mix And Match Door Styles

When it comes to fitted cabinetry there's no need to keep all door fronts the same, choosing different styles can help break up the look and provide texture and interest. Here blogger Mable Cheung of With Mable opted for Ikea SEKTION cabinets with a mix of white shaker doors and veneered wood CLJ Cove doors to create a modern country look.

4. Choose Freestanding Furniture

Freestanding furniture allows you to easily change the layout of a room, which can be handy if the function of your laundry room changes, or you need to accommodate new appliances. Open shelving units also allow you to access things easily and to instantly see what supplies you have. However, there are things that you don't want on show, so often a mix of closed cabinets and open is a practical solution.

5. Add A Sink Unit

When we asked kitchen and interior designers for their key laundry room pieces a sink was one of the must-haves. 'It’s worth choosing the largest sink that the space allows and if there’s a window, it should be positioned in front of it as it will often be used to wash clothing, shoes, or a dog! And having a view out is always nice!' says Allison Lynch, Senior Design Consultant at Roundhouse.

6. Keep It Simple

To keep this laundry-cum-mudroom feeling light and contemporary interior designer Jessica Moureau of Moureau Design Studio opted for Ikea SEKTION cabinetry arranged in an L-shape with white Supermatte beaded doors from Semihandmade and concrete worktops from Caesarstone. The washer and dryer are stacked to save space and a statement ceiling light helps bring personality and interest to the space.

7. Add A Mudroom Area

Today the laundry room and modern utility rooms have evolved from being just a space to do laundry to serving all sorts of functions, from providing extra pantry space to an area for arranging flowers, plus they often double as mudrooms.

8. Create A Country-Style Laundry Room

Open shelves lined with wicker woven baskets are a wonderful way to embrace country decor in the laundry room while keeping things organized. Ikea has a wide range to choose from including these BYHOLMA baskets. To keep the room feeling rustic and relaxed you could also introduce a fabric curtain to conceal your large appliances.

9. Add Storage For Small Items

Ikea's SKÅDIS pegboard keeps surfaces clear of clutter and provides handy storage for small items like scissors, pegs, cedar moth balls, dryer balls, and sewing essentials for mending.

10. Don't Be Afraid To Add Color

Heidi Kliewer of Heidi Noelle Design maximized storage space in her laundry-cum-mudroom with plenty of wall-mounted Ikea SEKTION units and kept the space bright with Semihandmade's white shaker doors. The large amount of cabinetry meant there wasn't too much scope for artwork or personal touches, however, she cleverly squeezed in fun wall decor idea created from wallpapered panels.

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