IKEA has just launched a new smart lamp to change how we light our homes

IKEA has released a brand new smart home product in the form of a clever wall light panel that is not only wireless but is controlled via remote or app. To be honest, you needn’t look too much further than IKEA if you're on the hunt for almost any new smart home trend. The Swedish brand has a pretty impressive range of smart home items available, including smart home blinds and the IKEA smart home sensors that detect leaks or intruders. To add to this growing collection they’ve just launched an LED light that sits flush to your wall and presents a seriously cool opportunity to light your home from anywhere, and in an assortment of ways.

IKEA’S new smart light panel

The JETSTRÖM LED wall light panel is designed to sit on a wall anywhere in your home, be it your bedroom, office, or living room. The light, which retails for just £35, is designed to be used with IKEA’s smart home system, the DIRIGERA smart home app, which allows you to control the light via an app on your phone. And when you’ve got that working, there’s plenty of fun stuff you can do with this light panel to not only create a soothing (and functional) living environment but also to entertain guests and little ones.

The JETSTRÖM, for example, can emit an array of different light options, from a brighter, cold white light that’s handy for when you’re working, completing certain tasks such as cooking, cleaning or reading, or simply when you need to properly see what you’re doing. It’s got a brightness level of 1150 lumens, so it should be just as clear as a regular table or floor lamp.

It also gives off a warmer light, designed for when you’re entertaining guests, or simply when you want to unwind at the end of a long day. But that’s not all. You can actually choose from an array of different coloured lights when it comes to using the JETSTRÖM too; some may prefer a super warm red, while others might like to put on an atmospheric blue when they’re watching their favourite film. Unlike many traditional lamps, this LED panel can also be dimmed too (ideal for use in bedrooms), using either IKEA’s DIRIGERA smart home app, or your remote control, which is sold separately at IKEA. It can also be controlled through your voice too, via smart home technology hubs such as Amazon’s Alexa or the Google Home hub.

If you have the remote, you can even control up to 10 smart lights sources at one time, allowing you to create an incredibly cosy ambience throughout your entire home in an instant – without needing to go around and turn every individual lamp or light on. The JETSTRÖM light panel has a lifespan of around 25,000 hours, which means it should last you for a good few years, at least. It is however worth noting that unlike a lamp, the JETSTRÖM will need to be wired to your home - unfortunately, you can’t simply plug it in. But if this doesn't bother you, this newly-released LED wall panel could offer you a seriously unique option for lighting your home without needing to move from your comfy spot on the sofa, or from a distance, to create the illusion that someone is home (because added home security is always helpful!)

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