Ideal for those who appreciate the warmth and comfort, security of personal space. In this style, simplicity, individuality, and environmental friendliness have found the perfect embodiment.

Those who appreciate warmth and comfort, and security, will find in the Scandinavian style the perfect embodiment of the concepts of simplicity, individuality, and environmental friendliness.

If your choice is Scandinavian-style interior design, be prepared for smooth calm lines and shapes without strong curvature or discontinuity. The forms express a philosophical attitude to life – it should be calm, without unnecessary overloads, and inspire confidence in the reliability of tomorrow.

The Scandinavian style is characterized by muted pastel shades and minimalist window décor. The functionality of the space: a lot of closed lockers, niches, and just open shelves. Natural materials at the forefront.

The main characteristics of Scandinavian style design are:

Simplicity and purity of lines.

The main colors of the interiors: are milky white and light yellow.

Furniture is especially important. Solid, light, simple shapes. Zoning of the room with the help of light decorative partitions (you can use hedges). The windows are large, and decorated with white blinds or light curtains. For walls, white or beige plaster, light gray or light blue paint is preferred.

A small number of bright accessories. The wood of light shades. Neutral colors of finishes and textiles.

A lot of storage space – closed lockers and niches, as well as open shelves. An abundance of natural materials.