How to wrap gifts this Christmas – plus 20 stylish gift wrapping ideas for Christmas Day

1. Choose A Color Theme And Mix It Up

If you have a clear and defined color theme for your tree and surrounding decor, why have presents that clash? Snap up a host of different wrapping papers in similar shades, together with ribbon to match and wrap each gift with contrasting colored paper and ribbon so that there's a clear visual through line and the presents look like an gorgeous extension of the tree.

2. Finish It Off With A Pretty Decoration

The simple addition of a charm, bauble or decoration lifts a wrapped present from good to gorgeous. These pretty nature-inspired charms by Joules are a fun way to zhuzh up a plain package, but a small bauble or tree decoration will work just as well.

3. Make Your Own Marbled Paper

Wrap your gifts in marbled paper for something a little different this year. You could make your own using a marbling kit from Etsy . Choose different patterns, then finish off with a host of pretty ribbons in contrasting colours.

4. Have A Go At Furoshiki

A wonderful way to wrap gifts is using Furoshiki. A Japanese tradition of gift wrapping using fabric instead of paper, it not only ensures you can use the wrapping again and again, thus saving on wasted paper, but it's far easier to wrap something  awkwardly-shaped like a bottle, using fabric.

5. Stamp Your Own Wrap

Cant find a gift wrap you like? Why not make your own? Invest in festive-themed stamps and decorate sheets of plain craft paper in a variety of colours. Alternatively, if you're artistically gifted, draw a freestyle design on a wide sheet of paper using a single color.

6. Finish With Handmade Decorations

The gold decorative detailing on this plainly wrapped present lifts the whole look to new heights and adds a touch of sophistication to your gifts. They can all be made well in advance too, so wrapping the gifts is both easy and straightforward.

7. Add Plenty Of Colorful Ribbon

Plain paper and bold colored ribbon is always a winner so why not ramp up the drama by overloading your gifts with an excess of ribbon, too? You don't have to be too neat either - the trick is to layer as much as possible to for a Marie Antoinette-style vibe.

8. Get Creative With Wool And Trimmings

Try to think laterally, avoiding the obvious choices for gift wrap. Try using wool, ric rac, pom pom trims... anything you may have to hand or can pick up easily in a fabric store.

9. Add A Touch Of Gold

Adding a touch of gold to anything decorative usually elevates it to become something far more special. Gold decor and Christmas go hand-in-hand too (think The Three Kings!) and finishing off a wrapped present with a shiny touch of gold makes it all the more festive.

10. Bring The Outdoors In

Try finishing off wrapped gifts with springs of fresh greenery or flowers for a natural feel? Avoid using ribbon, especially on smaller gifts - it's important to scale down the decor to match the size of the gift so it doesn't look too overloaded. Simply secure in place using string or twine and don't forget to add a name tag.

11. Ditch The Tape For A Handcrafted Look

Not keen on adhesive tape? Why not try securing your gifts together using a simple sewing needle and thread? Begin by wrapping your gift in tissue paper to prevent sharp edges tearing the wrapping paper and so it  stays in place.

12. Pick A Ribbon Per Person

When wrapping gifts this year, why not skip the name tags altogether and decorate each present with a different color-coded ribbon for each person instead? Wrap the gifts using just one wrapping paper and vary each look with different colored ribbon. And make sure you let each person know what colour to look out for!

13. Involve Your Kids

Get your kids to help by asking them to create their own wrapping paper. This sturdy paper from Eat Sleep Doodle already features a design that's crying out for color, but you could find some black and white designs online and print them out for smaller children, while older kids could design their own pattern.

15. Print Your Own Paper

Channel your childhood by printing your own paper with colorful paints and simple potato stamps. Keep the look loose and relaxed - no-one's looking for perfection here - and choose a specific color scheme or pattern for each person. Finish the wrapped paper off with a simple ribbon.

16. Make Simple Hanging Cones

Have a go at wrapping smaller gifts like stocking fillers in handmade decorative hanging paper cones. First, cut out a square of paper. With the pattern side of the paper showing outermost, curl and shape into a cone, making sure the pointed end has no gaps and the outer edge of the paper finishes at the back.

17. Decorate Plain Wrap

Channel your inner Jackson Pollock and create your own personalised wrapping paper using paint on plain paper. Splash to your heart's content, paint stripes or spots freehand for a loose artisan look. Stick to one shade or layer up color if you prefer, making sure you leave each color to dry before applying another shade.

18. Add Plenty Of Subtle Pattern

Prefer a more subtle scheme? Pick one color theme for the paper but mix it up with a wide variety of pattern - from spots and stripes to plain or embossed papers. Finish each wrapped gift with ribbon in a single similar shade but use a variety of designs from thin and thick to velvets, grosgrains and even picot edged designs to keep the look varied and dynamic.

19. Personalise Each Package

Run out of gift tags? Don't worry. Cut out the initials of the person you're giving the gift to and secure them to the wrapped present with glue. Better still, use spare Scrabble pieces (you can find these for sale on Amazon) or if you have good handwriting, personalise a small bauble using a thin tipped Sharpie pen and secure it to the gift with ribbon or string.

20. Stick To A Minimal Palette

Narrow down your papers and ribbon to a core collection of colors and patterns to guarantee an elegant mix of packages. Choose up to four papers - some with pattern some without - and around four ribbons in varied thickness.

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