In the article, we tell how to visually increase the height of the ceiling using various techniques. To implement some of them, it is enough to make small changes in the room and add new decor. Other methods will require more laborious work.

Finishes that will exacerbate the problems of low spaces There are several design options, which in this case will only spoil the overall picture.

Multi-tier suspended tension structures. Dark or light beige shade. Gypsum stucco, wide baguettes with ornaments. Large chandeliers, especially those suspended from chains. Carpet with long pile. It visually raises the floor – which reduces the overall height. Strong color contrast with the walls.


All this looks bad even in rooms with walls of 2.5 meters and such a design is best avoided unless you live in a large house.

How to visually make the ceiling higher in an apartment or a private house

Let’s start with simple ideas – the choice of furnishings, decor, and finishes.

Furniture Give preference to understated furniture. This applies to everything: cabinets, sofas, armchairs, and tables.

Decor Remove all unnecessary things from the windows and hang long,  floor-length curtains on a hidden string cornice. The pattern on them, especially the vertical one, also visually stretches the room. But if a beautiful view of the street opens from the house, it is better to find minimalistic, translucent curtains that do not distract attention.

On the walls, you can hang modular vertical paintings, framed photos, and hand-made collages.

Color and pattern in the interior A fairly simple way to help visually enlarge the ceiling. The most common technique is wallpaper with vertical stripes. It can be not just lines, but also various prints. The only requirement is that they still have to be minimalistic.


Chandelier Compact Japanese-style appliances and plates look good. Large models may be an exception if hung over a table.

Cornice lighting LED strips and lamps are embedded around the perimeter of the room in a drywall box. They create the effect of a floating structure.

Mortise and overhead lamps No one can touch them with a hand or head, less dust accumulates on them, and they do not eat up space. Choose spots with a small vertical leg and a long horizontal one.

Hidden light Rectangular or square luminous hole in suspended drywall. It turns out that an unusual effect of lighting located above the main coating. Use acrylic glass for insertion.

Lampshades and lamps Located on the floor, but directed upwards. Create a cozy atmosphere, and increase the height.

Doors Raise them to the maximum level. This design looks unusual, but it does its job. You can leave the opening without a door or install a sliding structure, a minimalist plasterboard arch, or complete a glazed transom. This will generally increase the space.

Window If you have the opportunity, install large windows throughout the wall or make elongated openings. So the maximum amount of light will enter the room.