How to use wall shelves in the interior: 14 options

In the kitchen Because of the dishes, products and household appliances in the kitchen, there is often not enough free space, so the hanging shelves in this room are a very functional solution. One of the most common techniques is to hang shelves above the sink so that everything you need is always at eye level. To beat this decision, you can choose counter-contrast kitchen shelves by color or material. If you, on the contrary, want to visually “hide” the storage space, then pick up the shelves in the color of the walls or panels of the headset.

In the living room and dining room In a small area, every meter should be used wisely, so a good wall rack is almost the main acquisition for a small apartment. Choose models with light minimalist designs that will not weigh down the space.

In the bedroom The ideal place for wall shelves in the bedroom is a niche in the wall. Firstly, it is an additional place to store books and accessories, thanks to which there is no need to buy a rack. Secondly, this is another space for a riot of imagination: if you approach the organization of storage with creativity, then from things on the shelf you can make an interesting composition.

In the nursery If in the living room and dining room wall shelves play a more decorative role, then in the nursery – very functional (especially when toys and drawings no longer fit in the cabinets). When choosing shelves, do not forget that most often they will be used by the guests of the room, so do not place them too high.

In the bathroom Probably, the bathroom is one of the rare rooms where the shelf will harmoniously fit in 99% of cases. The most common and practical option is to hang it over the sink. A wide shelf can replace a too-heavy cabinet and brighten up the empty space between the crane and the mirror.

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