How to upgrade kitchen in 4 easy steps

On days when we stay at home all day, we invariably spend a lot of time in the kitchen. In a modern interior, this is the main communicative center and not just a functional room. It is important to create a comfortable space that meets the tastes of the user.

1. Replace cabinet doors Kitchen cabinet doors are the most important visual component of a space. Accordingly, painting or replacing them can completely transform the appearance of the kitchen. And this applies not only to the choice of color or degree of gloss but also to the type of facade – perhaps it’s time to get rid of pretentious panels and turn to soft minimal aesthetics. Even a simple rearrangement of handles can make the silhouette, for example, more concise.

2. Replace countertops Similarly, with kitchen facades, the countertop carries not only an important functional but also a visual load. If the surface already shows signs of wear, or if it no longer meets your aesthetic or practical requirements, the countertop is also easy to replace. Especially popular materials are natural and artificial stone. Surfaces are resistant to abrasion and dirt and are not afraid of moisture, and most importantly, they embody all the beauty of natural material.

3. Update your lighting Thoughtful lighting scenarios are important in any room of the house, but in the kitchen, they have an increased practical value. If your kitchen is still the only source of light – a lone chandelier under the ceiling, pay attention to the functional illumination of the work surface, as well as subdued chamber lighting above the dining table, which can be arranged using a floor lamp with a long “arm”.

4 Update your flooring It is generally accepted that replacing the floor in the kitchen is certainly a serious undertaking with high financial costs. In fact, dismantling the old linoleum and laying laminate flooring is just one day’s work. You should also pay attention to vinyl tiles, for laying which does not require special skills.

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