How to update the bedroom? 7 tips

End the mess Getting rid of excess is the first step to the beginning of a “new life”. Our brain loves order, chaos irritates it. In addition, clutter dissipates attention and reduces efficiency – it is no secret that it is in the bedroom that many have a “home office”. Keep the number of things to a minimum to make room for the main thing – air.

Invest in a bed More precisely, not so much in bed as on the mattress. A high-quality mattress in combination with a good support grille will provide both comfort and health. The main thing is to choose the right one. Today, no one is shocked by people lying in showrooms on beds – everyone understands that they evaluate the quality of mattresses (it is recommended to lie down for at least three minutes).

Change the color of the walls This is easy to do if the walls are painted, not wallpaper. It is believed that cool blue, and turquoise shades contribute to relaxation and proper rest, but experts emphasize that the effect of color is extremely individual. Someone helps to relax just deep saturated colors.

Think about lighting The bedroom does not need a chandelier or any other ceiling lamp. The necessary atmosphere will be created by a curtain rail with a dimmer, a floor lamp, and local light on the sides of the bed – and table lamps on bedside tables are not an ideal option: they take up space, they can be touched in a dream and overturned.

Add plants A very effective, and today also fashionable technique. It not only visually enriches the interior but also improves the microclimate. However, in the case of a bedroom, there are nuances. Connoisseurs warn that at night, in the absence of sunlight, plants do not participate in photosynthesis, that is, they, like a person, absorb oxygen and emit carbon dioxide. A good choice will be chlorophytum, spathiphyllum, aloe, sansevieria, ficus, Kalanchoe, fatty (money tree), begonia, lavender, and myrtle.

Hang the painting When you wake up in the morning and open your eyes, you want to see something pleasant – these seconds set the mood for the whole day. Therefore, it is so important what exactly you place on the wall, which is located opposite the bed. Often there is a TV. Maybe you should decide: get rid of the black screen, and give its place to a work of art that you consciously and lovingly choose. A collage of family photos is a good budget alternative to art: only the cost of framing will be required.

Rearrange the furniture Cost-effective updater. True, in a properly equipped bedroom, there are few free-standing items – the options for rearrangement are limited. And yet you can try: for example, to turn the bed so that it faces the window – this will give new interesting sensations. Provided, of course, that the view from the window is not bad.

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