Designer Katya Chistova renovated a two-room apartment. The “killed” apartment was turned into comfortable housing for rent with the help of affordable design techniques.

1. Doors with glass inserts Doors that let in light are a great solution to brighten up your apartment and let light into the entrance area. In this apartment, front double doors with transoms and beveled glass inserts were installed. But even more, modest door models will definitely transform the interior.

2. Mirror wall A closet in the hallway is found in almost every apartment. But it is mirrored facades that create the effect of expanding space – very important for small spaces. Do not like compartment doors, replace them with swing doors with mirror panels. Don’t need a closet at all? Hang a large mirror on this wall – the effect will be the same.

3. Coffered ceiling If you got an apartment with load-bearing beams on the ceiling, you do not need to sew them up. The load-bearing beam, located across the corridor, can be built up and made a beautiful ceiling with caissons.

Compare before and after:

4. Unusual decor The simplest finishes – paint, and laminate – can be played up and create an interior that you want to look at. Use unusual decor and details for this. For example, in this living room, the Cameroonian hat made of feathers immediately catches the eye, and the graceful frame of the chandelier resembles a birdcage. Prints of retro covers of the French magazine La Baïonnette were hung above the workplace.

5. Accent trim Bright wallpaper behind the headboard is a popular technique if you want to make the interior of the bedroom more interesting. But you can’t leave them without “companions”: note that here the designer added colored pillows, and decorated the curtains from a simple plain fabric with green stripes – a simple but effective solution.

6. New life for old items The crystal chandelier above the bed deserves special attention: it lay on the mezzanine for more than 30 years before finding a new life. “I painted its frame turquoise, and the customer repaired the old wiring on his own,” says Katya Chistova.

7. The combination of cells and floral ornaments A cage is a rather unusual ornament for a kitchen interior. However, it helps to create a more cosy, residential, and homely environment. Unexpectedly, the cage in this interior is supported by decorative plates with patterns and a Roman blind with lemons and pomegranates based on sketches by William Morris. He believed that nature is the best source of inspiration. This combination is definitely worth checking out.

8. Unusual wallpaper in the bathroom Imagine that in this bathroom there are completely different wallpapers – plain or with a subtle pattern – the effect will be completely different. Or rather, it won’t. Do not be afraid to use non-standard solutions in decoration, bright colors, and exotic patterns – they are the ones that distinguish ordinary repairs from designer ones.