Apartment in a terrible state into premium-class housing in 4 months. They did not resort to redevelopment and used only decoration and decorative techniques. We talk about the most interesting life hacks with which the interior looks richer.


1. Ditch the typical white windows and fittings Plastic windows always give out the level of repair. If the budget is not designed for wooden frames, there is always the opportunity to order plastic in a colored film – for example, with a wood texture. Another detail is window handles and fittings. Get rid of plastic and put on beautiful metal handles. This will immediately add elegance to the interior.

2. Use built-in technology In addition to the fact that built-in appliances are more convenient in everyday life and do not create visual noise in the interior, they also do not make it possible to determine their cost. Behind a solid facade, both very expensive equipment and more budget models can be hidden.

3. Add ceiling rosettes and wide cornices A chandelier on the ceiling without a socket and with it are two big differences. Even laconic decor without patterns will help transform the interior, let alone more complex options. You should not save on the eaves either – a narrow edging will nullify all efforts to design a stylish environment.

4. Combine wallpaper, molding and painting The usual wallpapering of the wall will make the interior easier, but the combination with molding will add nobility and make the space more interesting.

5. Duplicate elements Thoughtful expensive interior “give out” the details. For example, here the designer repeated the blue stripe from the wall and the edging in the curtains. This will not affect the total cost of tailoring significantly, but it will make the situation more interesting.

6. Mask difficult corners and places Heating pipes can be hidden inside built-in furniture, a low window sill can be turned into a comfortable desktop, and a narrow room can be visually expanded with the help of symmetrical shelving on both sides of the window – as the designer did in this nursery.

7. Use fake trim Traditionally, the lower part of the wall in classic interiors is sheathed with wall panels. If the budget does not allow for additional finishing, use a “trick”: use moldings to make a relief and paint everything with a second shade of paint. This finish looks much more interesting than the standard plain painting.

8. Order a lining for the front door Ideally, replace the door with a high-quality and beautiful one. But this is not always possible. Then you can get by with a decorative overlay on the existing door. Choose noble complex shades that will be combined with the rest of the interior.

9. Use a more “expensive” plumbing color The atmosphere and look of the bathroom depend not only on the finish but also on the accessories. You can take a more democratic tile brand, but replace the standard chrome plumbing with a more elegant and noble brass. Imagine if this bathroom had a shiny silver shower, heated towel rail, and faucet – all the “magic” would disappear.