1. Combination of different interior finishes The walls of the attic are sheathed with clapboard, it was painted in two colors. Decorative plaster was applied on one of the walls, and seamless wallpaper on the opposite wall.

2. Rail for spotlights To visually hide the bases for spots, they were placed along the beams under the ceiling. Take note!

3. Sofa with back to the window A rather non-standard solution, given that usually the owners try to place the sofa facing the window. But in this attic they gather for communication and games, so attention is directed to the center of the room.

4. Rugs The Ecolok Smart Mat is a modern carpeting specially designed to make playing on the floor warm and cozy and to ensure maximum comfort and safety for the child.

5. Theme As the main theme, the designer chose horses and a stable. Drawings were placed on the walls, and pantry doors were also stylized – it seems that these are doors in a stable or a barn.

6. Doors painted in wall color There are many accents in this interior, so some boundaries need to be “softened”. So, the door was painted in graphite – the color of the wall.

7. Electric Fireplace Traditionally, a fireplace is located on the ground floor. But for an electric firebox, there are no restrictions. It fits perfectly into the interior of the attic. The effect was enhanced with the help of firewood.

8. Use of niches During the repair, all the niches that appeared were made functional. A playroom was arranged in the largest one, and a shelf for books and decor was arranged in the small one.