How to style a console table – 18 ideas for entryway tables and more

1. Make Space For A Console In A Small Space

'There's no denying that even small entryways benefit from a beautifully styled console table, though you may need to be clever with the design to keep the space feeling streamlined,' says Lucy

2. Put A Console Table To Good Use

Not every dining room needs a buffet or sideboard for storage, and if space is tight, it is actually better swap out solid pieces of furniture for less bulky pieces. This is where console tables can come into their own. You can style your console with a tray of drinks (it's the perfect small home bar), keep your candles there when they're not in use and place a lamp on the top to create an inviting pool of light. As always, placing a picture just above the console will ensure the vignette feels complete.

3. Decorate A Console With A Curated Display

Every great console display needs a picture or mirror sat just behind it – and not so high up that it feel disconnected from it.

4. Create A Cohesive Look

Consider working with a theme for the objects on a console table for a cohesive look. Here, an antiqued glass mirror takes center stage, with a range of objets in a range of natural tones displayed casually, but deliberately.

5. Opt For A Pair Of Table Lamps

How to style a console table and give it classic credentials? Selecting a pair of table lamps is a traditional approach to creating symmetry in interior design that’s perfect for many rooms, and a classic amongst entryway lighting ideas.

6. Make It Minimal

In a contemporary room scheme, paring back what’s on the console table can be the best tactic. What’s crucial if that’s the case is selecting decorative pieces of sufficient scale to appear considered. On this table a simple bowl of flowers draws the eye while the focus is on the artwork above, framed by the console below.

7. Match Materials Or Echo Shapes

One possible strategy when thinking about how to style a console table is to take a lead from the table itself. This design’s legs are echoed by the quirky lamp, vases and even the artwork. The picture frame above repeats the color of the table's material for a pulled-together result.

8. Display Art On A Console Table

Decorating with art is important in mastering console table styling, and there is a choice of ways to show artworks on a console table – here, designer Adam Bray showcases sculptures and textiles in a simple but stunning arrangement.

9. Keep It Natural

Considering how to style a console table when the goal is a soothing scheme? Opting for a color palette in gentle natural tones is a great approach, especially in an entryway. In this space, organic color and texture are prominent on the plant pot and console table itself and complemented by the softest of hues on the lamp base.

10. Adopt A Contemporary Approach

A symmetrical arrangement of well-proportioned lamps or urns on a console table is a sure-fire choice, but opting for asymmetry is an interesting and modern alternative.

11. Change The Lines

Entryways tend to be thoroughfares we give little thought to – and often interesting architecture is lacking. To up the style quotient, choose a console table with curvaceous lines, and echo its shapes and materials in the vases and sculptural finds displayed on top.

12. Choose Antiques

Decorating with antiques makes a beautiful focal point, but how to style a console table like this? By adding a pair of lamps with antique silk shades for a welcoming glow, along with art, tapestries and decorative items, one can create a layered comfortable look.

13. Play With Pastels

Make a pleasing vignette on a larger console table with a pastel palette to draw a variety of pretty pieces and a floral arrangement together. The addition of white keeps the effect fresh and sophisticated. Smaller decorative pieces are best grouped, while taller designs will introduce the height that’s necessary on a larger piece of furniture.

14. Frame An Entry Table Display With Wallpaper

Entryways can be tricky spaces to deal with as the proportions are often slim, and they suffer from little natural light and architectural interest.

15. Display Prized Antiques In An Entryway

Beautifully crafted antique console tables can look fabulous and add instant character to entryways – and if you’re lucky enough to have the space then a narrow piece can fit perfectly, like in this hallway by interior designer Penny Morrison.

16. Decorate A Console Table To Make A Small Entryway Feel Larger

‘First impressions are essential when welcoming both you and your guests into your home. In order to achieve a statement hallway, I always incorporate a console or entry table into the space, which is both functional and elegant,’ says London based bespoke interior designer Louise Bradley.

17. Pick A Decorating Theme For Your Entryway Console

If your entryway console table has a distinct decorative theme – whether California Casual or country – picking accessories to decorate it with that echo that theme makes perfect sense. Here, Oka's Katsura console table has been accessorized with pieces that hint at the Oriental style of the table itself – to great success.

18. Decorate A Console Table With Paint

Looking for cottage hallway ideas? Here, an ordinary console table has been given an extraordinary makeover with paint by British artist and paint expert Annie Sloan. She has echoed the design in the wall panelling behind it and, of course, picked accessories with a hand-painted finish.

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