How to soundproof your kitchen and stop noisy appliances disturbing your peace

1. Factor in a utility room if you can

A separate utility room isn't always possible, but finding a way of separating noisier appliances such as washing machines and tumble dryers from your main living space can do a lot to reduce noise travelling around your home.

2. Lay floors with sound reduction in mind

If a new kitchen floor is on your agenda, look beyond aesthetics and underfloor heating and consider how it might stop sound travelling around your kitchen and beyond. A solid, dense floor can stop sound radiating around a room – great news if your washing machine's spin cycle makes it feel as if the whole house is about to take off.

3. Soundproof walls with pictures and panelling

Kitchens today have a personalised feel, with artworks on the wall, kitchen shelves filled with decorative accessories, and curated display cabinets. Yes, it all looks lovely, but it can help stop sounds travelling out of the kitchen to disrupt the rest of the household.

4. Cover up appliances

Integrated and built-in appliances give a kitchen a sleek look. But being enclosed in a cabinet or behind a door has added benefits. 'Freestanding appliances are typically the most practical but as they’re fully exposed, they will emit the most amount of sound. Built-in appliances will most likely be the quietest as they enclose the main noise generating components,' explains Poppy from Quiet Mark.

5. Add textiles to soften kitchen sounds

Rugs in a kitchen used to be a no-no, but new washable designs mean you can keep your space hygienic and still enjoy softness, colour – and quiet – underfoot.

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