How to sell a house or apartment for a higher price: 7 rules

1. The rule of a blank slate Hide very personal things – photos, souvenirs. But most importantly, respect potential buyers as dear guests – do not forget to do a general cleaning: wash the windows, clean up the mess and polish the floors to a shine. Anyone will think that your property are overrated if they see that you yourself treat them with disdain.

2. Plan A clean home is easier to plan for staging, and you need to think about each room or area with your target audience in mind. Retirees are unlikely to want to have a modern home office, a young family does not necessarily need a rose garden, but having a spare room as a potential nursery – why not. Feel free to speak to your real estate agent for some insider information on potential buyers.

3. Neutral background It is a small repair that is recommended for the sake of a high sale. However, if your property already has a universal “base” (light walls and parquet floors), you can limit yourself to a little restyling. For example, to update the whitewashing of the ceiling or the doors of kitchen cabinets. In any house there is a problem area – you should not mislead the buyer and hide the problem, but you can identify options for solving it.

4. Art Use only expressive, large-format art – photography, silkscreen, or abstract painting is fine. One or more gallery-level works on the walls (possibly rented) will not only signify character but also subconsciously elevate the interior. The goal is to create an accent that will make your property stand out from the rest.

5. Circumstance The next level is furniture. Room by room, imagine your ideal customer and think about what they will use them for. Arrange items while allowing the furniture to “breathe” (no clutter or heavy clutter). Pay special attention to the entrance: a hallway with a beautiful mirror and an armchair.

6. Decor It is in the decor that you can use sneaky tricks to entice the buyer to make an offer. Key elements will create a talking point, while small details ensure that the overall effect looks natural. A beautifully set dinner table, a few fresh towels in the bathroom, a trendy coffee maker, a spectacular blanket.

7. Fragrances Don’t be afraid to appeal to wider sensibilities as you embellish your possessions. Create a stunning fragrant scenery with vibrant citrus or welcoming vanilla. Don’t forget about the apple cinnamon pie rule. Our sense of smell is closely linked to memory, so the right scents used in different rooms can be enough to cement the most positive emotions.

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