When choosing a bed for a bedroom, it is worth considering not only its dimensions but also its design. Consider the most popular options that can be distinguished among the many models.

1. Basic model In any direction of fashion and design, there is such a thing as a “base model”. In this case, as basic, designers single out such interior items that will fit into almost any setting and style. For the bed, the distinctive features are a laconic shape, a low headboard, lack of decor, neutral color, and high-quality upholstery.

2. Capitone decor Beds with an upholstered headboard, decorated with a “carriage coupler”, do not lose their popularity. Such a model with a spectacular appearance looks great in modern classic and American styles. Mediterranean, Provence, and eclecticism will take such a model upholstered in natural fabrics. Just keep in mind when choosing that a massive headboard will “eat” extra centimeters.

3. With a high soft headboard When choosing a bed, rely on the style of your bedroom interior. High soft headboards will make the atmosphere more solemn and cozy. Such headboards, depending on the style of the interior, can be of different shapes, heights, with additional “ears” on the sides, and are made of a fabric of any color.

4. On high legs There are two significant advantages to a large-legged bed. The first is that visually it seems weightless and less bulky. And second – the process of cleaning the bedroom is greatly simplified. This lightweight frame looks best in Scandinavian and modern minimalist interiors.

5. From the array Timber frames are more environmentally friendly and require less maintenance than fabric-covered beds. Natural woods age slowly and even become more aesthetically pleasing with all scuffs and chipping.

6. Designer models The choice in favor of designer beds is usually made when they want to set the tone and style of the atmosphere through furniture. Such models will solo in the interior of the bedroom and will not be left without attention.

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