How to organize storage in the bathroom: 10 ideas

Buy organizers for drawers Clutter in the drawer increases the time by a few minutes to find stuff. To keep everything in place, install a removable organizer in the drawer. Now in stores, you can find many models, including those with special compartments for storing cosmetic brushes and sponges.

Use the space above the toilet Place a tall rack above the toilet. This is a useful technique for small spaces, which many neglect. Firstly, it is functional: it is convenient to store household chemicals and bathroom accessories on the rack. Secondly, the rack transforms the space: it is enough to put a couple of plants on it – and the bathroom will immediately become a little cozier.

Get rid of large packages Down with ugly boxes of laundry detergent and cans from laundry conditioners – often they stand half-empty, take up a lot of space and visually clutter the space. To store household chemicals, buy beautiful containers – preferably from high-quality glass and from one series, so that they harmoniously combine with each other. An added bonus: this way the shelves in your bathroom will look a lot prettier.

Add more hanging shelves The main problem of organizing storage in the bathroom is solved very simply: you need to add a few more hanging shelves. The advantage lies in their functionality – the shelves can be hung even in the shower, even above the sink, or above the door (or on it). Feel free to make shelves of skin care products, cosmetics, and perfumes in beautiful packaging – because this is another way to show off your beauty novelties.

Buy a low rack for the sink If the space under the sink is not occupied by a pedestal, then you can put a low rack or stool there – so you will get another additional surface for storing things, and at the same time you will not “clutter” the space. For light bathrooms, minimalist wooden racks are perfect, and for dark ones, models made of painted metal are perfect.

Remove personal hygiene items in baskets with lids It is not always convenient to store personal hygiene items in closed drawers, especially if they can quickly be needed on hand. This problem will be solved by small baskets with lids – you can find cute wicker models or more stringent analogs made of real stone.

Use functionality of even the smallest spaces Take a close look at your bathroom: you may have missed some corners that can be used wisely. For example, a place under the sink, a space above the washing machine, or a corner in the shower.

Buy a bathtub shelf The bathroom shelf is not only a necessary accessory for a pleasant spa evening but also an additional storage surface. There it is convenient to put everything that is useful during a shower: shampoos, conditioners, gels, and scrubs.

Hair dryer, rectifier, and other equipment – in a container As a rule, household appliances for beauty procedures take up a lot of space: hair dryers and straighteners themselves are quite bulky and usually come complete with a very long cord. Therefore, we advise you to store them in special covers – so the equipment as a whole will take up less space, and the wires will not become tangled with each other.

Use laundry baskets Agree, an open basin with dirty laundry waiting for its turn for washing is not the most pleasant picture. Therefore, it is better to put laundry in special baskets. The advantage of textile options is that when the basket is empty, it is easy to fold it – and free up additional space in the bathroom (until the next wash).

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