How to organize storage in a small apartment: 7 options

In our selection, there are visual answers to the eternal question: “How to organize storage in a small apartment?” In different ways – depending on your needs.

Rimadesio The Cover Freestanding storage system designed by Giuseppe Bavuso is made of glass and aluminum – such a lightweight design does not visually cut the space. True, in such a cabinet you will always have to maintain perfect order.

Ginger & Jagger Storage systems can be responsible not only for functionality but also for beauty. For example, the Fractal chest of drawers with facades decorated with multi-colored marble claims to be an art object.

Giorgetti The Alfred chest of drawers can be easily moved throughout the apartment thanks to convenient wheels and use it not only to store kitchen utensils, as shown in the photo but for everything that your imagination will tell you.

Flou C-System modules designed by Massimo Castagna are attached to the wall at a convenient height for you. The length and filling can be different: for example, this system can be used as a dressing table, desk, or simply a console.

Attribut If in a small apartment, there is an opportunity to make a dressing room, do not miss it. At Attribut, you’ll be helped to assemble a kit of any filling and size – not necessarily as large as in the photo.

Giulia Novars The Attico storage system has a wide selection of elements for different trifles – this is suitable for those who like to have every tie, belt, or set of cufflinks in its place.

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