How to organize storage in a compact hallway: 10 examples

Of course, the best way to make a hallway functional is to install a hidden storage system. However, in order for this room to be truly comfortable, additional pieces of furniture and accessories will be needed. We tell you what you can not do without and, most importantly, why.


To make it easier, let’s take an example from some designers. So, this apartment took into account everything and therefore initially planned more storage spaces than necessary. To prevent the shoes from standing in plain sight, she provided added a narrow high cabinet at the entrance, which is hidden among the wall panels. An additional place for things was a floor hanger with shelves for shoes, but such detail requires the ability to constantly maintain order and discipline.

An impressive part of the cabinets can be occupied by shoes if you store them in boxes. To cope with this will help shoe boxes. Due to their mechanism, some of them are only 15 cm deep.

Another effective way to save valuable meters of space is to put a bench or banquette with a storage function. Here, again, not only the size of the furniture is important, but also the opening mechanism. Hinged cabinets may not be very convenient in a small hallway, look for options with a reclining (including upwards) or retractable door. Alternatively, you can choose an instance with the shelves open. A nice bonus is that it is convenient to sit on such a banquette to put on shoes or put things on as soon as you go home.

Do not forget about the little things, without which you can not do: keys, gloves, and sunglasses. They can be hidden in a small chest of drawers. And if you place a neat console in front of the entrance, it will become a spectacular welcome element.

If there is still not enough space for the console and especially the chest of drawers, then compact tables can be an alternative: they will also be able to put a bag or put a bunch of keys so as not to forget before leaving.

The mirror is perhaps the next most important item in the hallway after the wardrobe. The designers of LEFT design installed it throughout the wall, Olesya Shlyakhtina chose a full-length mirror for her project, and the a3interior studio made do with a small option, which found a place between two cabinets (note that an additional light source was placed above it).

Additional storage space can be shelves and hooks. Preference should be given to multifunctional options, for example, a shelf with an additional crossbar for hangers or a mirror supplemented with hooks.

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