How to organize space on an open balcony and loggia: 12 examples

Use storage racks If you are the owner of not just a balcony, but a terrace, then you can walk around with the organization of space. The main thing is not to succumb to the temptation to use the storage room. But if you still decide to keep gardening accessories or useful little things here, use racks, not closed cabinets. They look lighter, and transmit light, which means they do not clutter the space.

Install floor to ceiling doors Install floor-to-ceiling doors is a special rarity and luxury, so Olga Lapshova decided to focus on it. In the bedroom, she made two swing doors with glass in the floor, opening a beautiful view.

Green the balcony space It is worth starting landscaping by determining the orientation of the balcony. This is necessary in order to understand how much sunlight falls on it and at what time. The choice of plants will depend on this. In addition, you need to immediately decide on the concept – whether it will just be a green balcony or a blooming, and maybe even a mini-garden. It all depends on personal preferences and the desire to deal with plants.

Use special outdoor furniture Choose special garden or outdoor furniture for the balcony. Such objects are resistant to moisture, direct sunlight, and temperature changes. They can be left in the rain and sometimes even without a cover.

Use a floor surface that is easy to clean Open balconies quickly become polluted, especially if the apartment is in the center and faces a large road. Therefore, for finishing the floor, it is better to choose materials with a surface that can be easily wiped (for example, tiles, and it is better to have a large format so as not to clean the seams, or special garden coverings).

Use furniture that does not clutter the space The space of the balcony should be functional, so instead of a large table, use a portable magazine or even a serving cart on wheels. And for sitting – light chairs made of rattan, wood, or plastic.

Do not forget about covers for furniture in bad weather Watching sunsets while sitting on something soft is, of course, more enjoyable. But do not forget that such furniture in bad weather should either be carried away from the balcony or covered with special waterproof covers.

Install additional light sources A dark balcony in the evening or in short light days can become a completely useless space, so install additional light sources, otherwise, you will have to use only candles. To do this, it is not necessary to strobe the walls for wiring – there are LED lamps that work for quite a long time from batteries, and light bulbs with charging from a solar panel.

Don’t forget about blinds and curtains But when there is too much sun, curtains and blinds will come in handy. This is especially true for those who have organized a workplace on the balcony. They will help the space not to overheat and will not allow the light to create a strong glare on the monitor.

Add art to space To make the space of the balcony or loggia residential, you should definitely add decor and art here. But remember that it can be humid here, and direct sunlight can fall on the picture, so limit yourself to an inexpensive poster.

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