Not always the size of housing allows you to allocate a separate room for a home office: often you have to find the option of placing a workplace in one of the rooms. We have selected for you three stylish and cozy bedrooms, which are well-located areas for work and creativity.


Option 1. Narrow full-wall work area In this small bright Scandinavian bedroom, the workplace is located along one of the walls. The tabletop is quite narrow, but its length allows you to comfortably place everything you need to work. Two roomy cabinets with drawers made it possible to abandon the hanging shelves, and indoor plants and wall decor added comfort to the zone.


Option 2. Workspace in the corner The layout of the work area in this delicate Scandinavian-style bedroom can serve as a good example for those cases when it is possible to allocate literally a small corner for a mini-office.

This option is suitable for those who are ready to be content with the most necessary things in their work area: a table and a chair. You can add one or two neat hanging shelves for books and stationery.

Option 3. Compact workplace by the window The location of the desktop in the bedroom by the window has several advantages. First, good natural light during daylight hours. Secondly, the opportunity to work with a view of the street (creative people will certainly appreciate it). Thirdly, a window sill, can be used as a nice addition to the table surface.