How to make your patio look expensive - tricks to get a luxe look on a budget

1. Consider adding a pergola

In recent years pergola ideas have seen a surge in popularity as they give your patio area a luxe vibe as well as doubling as a patio cover idea. At B&Q you can pick up a retractable roof pergola from £159, or if you're handy at DIY you can piece together a wooden one. They are also great for growing plants up to soften the look of hard landscaping.

2. Set the mood with lighting

Having a patio area that you can use both day and night means you will get a lot more use out of it. With some clever garden lighting ideas you can easily make it look high-end.

3. Keep your patio clean

It might sound a bit obvious, but keeping your patio clear of clutter and learning how to clean a patio properly will help to give it a more expensive look. 'Similar to how you would clean your living room to create a relaxing and luxurious space, the same should be done with your patio,' explains Jeannette.

4. Set up an awning

Creating shady areas to hide from the mid-summer heat is key when planning your patio and rather than using a garden parasol, an awning is perfect for providing shade but gives your space a smart look. Plus, it can easily be retracted when not needed.

5. Create different zones

Planning how you will use your patio space so you can set up different zones, will make the space feel more organised. 'If you have a large patio that’s used for different purposes, it can become a cluttered jumble of seating, toys and plants,' explains Fiona.

6. Cover up a patio with a rug

If your patio has seen better days, perhaps weeds grow up through the cracks or you're stuck with some crazy paving until you can afford to redo it, an outdoor rug idea is a great way of covering it up and making the space look really smart.

7. Refresh outdoor furniture with paint

Outdoor furniture can easily look tired if it's left exposed to the elements over winter. Giving it a refresh with some wood varnish or even painting it a bright shade with outdoor paint, can make it look like you've invested in some new furniture.

8. Soften edges with plants

Patios can look quite harsh if surrounded by other hard landscaping like fencing, but using plants can help to soften the look for a more stylish feel. 'Accent your furniture with plant pots to bring greenery onto your patio and enhance the look of your garden.' advises Jeannette.

9. Choose stylish décor

If you're on a budget, simply updating some of your soft furnishing can be a great way to give your outdoor space a refresh. 'Invest in high-quality, luxurious cushions and throws that complement the colour scheme of your patio furniture. The simple addition can instantly elevate the overall look and feel, making even the most basic furniture appear more expensive.' Tom Allen, owner of TGA Concrete Pumping.

10. Highlight garden structures

With some clever lighting you can make a focal point of some of the best features on your patio. 'Strategically placed lighting can draw attention to areas you want to enhance, such as patio structures or water features,' explains Brian Davenport, co-founder The Solar Centre.

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