How to make your deck look expensive - 7 ways to turn a deck into your favourite area of the garden

1. Start with high-quality materials

Finding the right material for your decking is a bit like Goldilocks and her porridge. You don’t want something so expensive that it will bankrupt you, and you also don’t want something cheap that will fall apart within a year. You want something that’s just right. For Richard King at Dino Decking, the sweet spot that perfectly merges affordability with high-quality materials is composite decking.

2. Integrate built-in features

An affordable way to make a deck look more expensive is to turn it into a versatile area of your garden. By integrating built-in features, you can also turn it into an outdoor kitchen, an at-home spa (with the help of one of the best hot tubs, of course), or a ‘Love Island’-esque fire pit seating area, complete with one of the best fire pits.

3. Choose the right furniture

The best garden furniture comes in so many different shapes and forms, but you need to consider your choice carefully if you want to make your deck look expensive. Richard says, ‘To elevate the appearance of outdoor furniture and give it a more luxurious feel, opt for patio furniture that resembles interior pieces. Instead of bulky wooden designs, select slimmer silhouettes that echo indoor aesthetics.’

4. Think about the construction

If you’re a competent DIY-er, it’s possible to lay your own decking. But one of the biggest decking mistakes you can make is forgetting the smaller details and laying a deck with imperfections, as this can instantly cheapen an outdoor space. It’s important to think about construction if you want to make your deck look expensive, as sometimes small changes here and there can add a sense of luxury you may not have considered before.

5. Don’t forget to accessorise

A deck is so much more than a practical space you can walk and sit on. It’s also an extension of your home and your garden, which is why decoration and accessories are key. Richard says, ‘Don't overlook the importance of small details in making your deck look expensive. Pay attention to finishing touches such as decorative hardware, coordinating outdoor fabrics, and architectural elements like mouldings or trim. These subtle enhancements can elevate the overall design of your deck and create a cohesive and polished look.’

6. Add some greenery

There are so many plants that can increase your property value, so it would be a shame not to utilise these while trying to make your deck look expensive. By adding greenery and landscaping your decking area, you can add a sense of luxe that is often missing from bare decking.

7. Give it a lick of paint

If you want to revive some old decking and make it look expensive, painting your decking is a cost-effective way to do it. In fact, this is one of the best ways to hide flaking paint, mould, and imperfections on your deck. This is echoed by Michael Rolland, Managing Director at The Paint Shed. He says, ‘Painting your decking can be a great way to give your garden a new lease of life, making it look more expensive. However, it’s really important that you do all the preparations needed before starting – washing, brushing, removing any moss or mould and sanding the surface.’

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