How to make your coffee table look good – the 5 golden rules interior designers always follow

1. Make sure its in proportion

Before you get to the decor, you'll need to consider what makes for the best coffee table for your living room.

2. Match it to the coffee table

Not all coffee tables should be treated the same when it comes to decor - at least that what's Toronto-based interior designer Montana Labelle says. 'When it comes to the coffee table there are a couple of different approaches,' she tells us. 'If we are going with a very sculptural or statement table in the space, we often opt for minimal styling to let the piece really speak for itself. If we’re going with something a bit simpler, then it definitely comes down to the styling.'

3. Start with books

It's easy for your decor to look like a random collection of things floating on the coffee table surface, but once you get to grips with the idea of layering it, your coffee table will start to look a million times better.

4. Think about the story it tells

Coffee table decor can easily become a little "cookie-cutter", especially if you style yours with the same Pinterest images as inspiration as everyone else. That pervasive Tom Ford coffee table book from Amazon that you see on every well-dressed coffee table doesn't actually tell anyone a lot about your own interior style, or your own interests.

5. Bring more than you need

To get the best arrangement, Yond Interiors' Julia Miller suggests that you approach styling a coffee table with more than you're likely to need. 'Styling is a very in-the-moment sort of work,' Julia tells us, 'so we often bring a lot of items to try out before we land on a final assembly.'

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