How to make a small front garden look bigger – 10 clever ideas to create the illusion of space

1. Choose plants that add depth

When space is at a premium you need to consider which types of plants will fit without taking up too much space. Opting for a container garden ideas is potentially the best option as you get the benefits of being able to move pots around as and when you need to, while also being able to fill the pots with your favourite plants and blooms.

2. Utilise vertical space

Just because there isn’t a lot of space on the ground, doesn’t mean that you don’t have a lot of space to play with. You’ll want to start by looking upwards, to see what vertical space you have at your disposal. ‘Climbing plants like clematis or ivy soften walls and fences, blurring boundaries and creating the illusion of more depth,’ explains Josh Novell, Director at Polhill.

3. Embrace curves

It’s time to ditch the straight lines and embrace gentle curves in your front garden path ideas. ‘A curved path, for instance, draws the eye on a journey, making the garden feel longer than it is. This trick also applies to borders, so avoid rigid edges and opt for a more naturalistic flow instead,’ Josh says.

4. Keep paths narrow

Speaking of paths, most of our front gardens can be pretty narrow, so it’s important to think about the best layout. ‘By keeping pathways in your front garden narrow, you are actually not only maximising the planting space available, but you're tricking the eye into thinking your garden is bigger,’ LeisureBench’s Garden Expert, Steve Chilton, suggests.

5. Add a seating area

For many of us, our front garden can be a bit of a dead space. But making it into a useful and usable area can immediately change that. 'A seating area is good at making a garden feel bigger than it is,’ adds Fiona.

6. Create a focal point

‘Adding a focal point to your front garden is a good way to distract attention from its small size,’ Fiona explains. And you don’t need a lot of space to create a centrepiece with an ornament or water feature. ‘Whether it be a flower bed, a tree, plant or small decoration, making a focal point can help focus the eye on one spot and make your garden look bigger than it really is,’ Steve reveals.

7. Install lighting

For most, your front garden is the first thing that guests see when they visit. So, you’ll want to welcome any visitors by creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for them to walk through with your garden lighting ideas. The right lighting can ‘make your garden not only look bigger, but better too,’ says Steve.

8. Combine a lawn with other elements

Having a mixture of different elements, when it comes to your garden landscaping idea can instantly open up the space. For example, Steve recommends always keeping a bit of grass or lawn in a small front garden. ‘The distinct difference between the grass will make your garden look bigger,’ he reveals. ‘It will also offer you more space for planting and look good on the eye.’

9. Lighten up the colours

‘Light and airy colours make small spaces feel larger,’ Josh advises. There are a couple of different ways to use lighter colours, materials and plants to your advantage. For example, ‘light coloured tiling or decorative gravel on the ground, along with white or light grey flower beds, which will help to give the space a bright and airy feel,’ Elaine affirms.

10. Keep it well maintained

Another simple tip to follow; a messy, overgrown garden can make it look much smaller than it really is. So, you’ll want to keep on top of your gardening tasks or make your front garden as low maintenance as possible.

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