How to make a Christmas tree look fuller – 10 simple ways to increase its impact

1. Fluff The Branches

The number one strategy when it comes to making a Christmas tree look fuller is to fluff the branches. This is important whether the tree is real or artificial as the branches can become squashed during transport or, for artificial trees, during storage.

2. Use Ribbon

Don’t underestimate the value of Christmas tree ribbon ideas for making a Christmas tree look fuller. ‘Apart from separating branches and fluffing your tree, you can make a tree feel fuller with ribbon,’ says Katie Davis of Katie Davis Design. ‘Whether you wrap it around, or tuck it in occasionally, ribbon makes a tree feel full.’

3. Consider A Flocked Tree

Think about going for a flocked tree to create an impression of fullness. ‘We always opt for flocked trees,’ says Jennifer Walter, owner and principal designer for Folding Chair Design Co.

4. Add Reflective Ornaments

Ornaments can be employed as part of the solution. Choose plain versions in hues such as silver, gold, and white, and add them on the inside of the tree. These aren’t meant to be the main attraction but they will do the job of filling in any gaps, creating depth and reflecting the light with the result that the tree will look more substantial. They can be complemented with more ornate designs and you can even decorate Christmas baubles yourself.

5. Count Up Lights

Lights are an essential part of the decorations but they can also help out when the issue of how to make a Christmas tree look fuller arises. What’s crucial is to use them in sufficient numbers – a minimum of 100 lights per vertical foot (30cm) of the tree is a good ready reckoner.

6. Boost Foliage

Whether the tree is real or artificial, if it doesn’t appear generous enough, adding extra Christmas foliage ideas is a sound solution. Use dried or realistic artificial foliage, tuck it into any gaps. It doesn’t matter that the foliage is different to that of the tree; different textures add interest to a real tree and a natural element to a faux one. Need to cluster elements? Use floral wire to hold the sprigs together.

7. Design To A Theme

Choosing a theme will make a Christmas tree look fuller as well as giving it a professional designer’s touch. Working within a color palette, and choosing a more rustic, traditional, or classic twist for all that dresses the tree gives it an appearance that’s complete.

8. Go For Garlands

When the question is how to make a Christmas tree look fuller, garlands are a brilliant answer. Draped around the edges of the branches, they’ll add to its width so it’s a more substantial presence. Foliage-style garlands are a subtle way to make the tree fuller, but consider, too, brightly colored versions to make an impact.

9. Play With Scale

It can feel like the right solution is to scale down ornaments and hanging decorations so the tree itself looks bigger, but incorporating larger versions fills the space and gives the tree a greater presence.

10. Finish The Tree High And Low

For a tree of maximum fullness, pay attention to both the top of the tree, and the base. Pick a tree topper with good scale for the tree; a version that’s too small will detract from a full appearance. If the tree is of maximum height for the room, consider a bow-style tree topper that will still make a statement but doesn’t require space above the top of the tree.

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