How to hide an ugly garden wall - 5 expert-approved ideas for a boundary wall or outbuilding

1. Re-paint or re-render it

Sometimes, the best solution is often the easiest option, and there’s nothing easier than painting a garden wall. By doing this, you can turn what was once an ugly and boring garden wall into an eye-catching feature. Plus, you can tailor it to your own tastes. Emma Cottrell, marketing manager at BoConcept says, ‘Use paint to give the wall a more aesthetic colour. When choosing your paint, use your samples on the walls you intend to paint and observe the colours in day and evening lighting.’

2. Plant underneath it

Planting underneath an ugly garden wall is a win-win situation. On the one hand, you’re adding more flowers, herbs, and edibles to your outdoor space. At the same time, the plants will hide the garden wall from view. In fact, you could create your very own garden border or raised beds underneath the wall, filling it to the brim with taller plants that will continuously grow larger and larger as the years go by. There are also many fast-growing climbing plants out there that you can train to climb up the wall.

3. Buy garden screens or cladding

If you really hate the sight of your garden wall and wish it wasn’t there at all, covering it up completely is probably more appealing. Andy McLaughlin, Paving Specialist at RF Paving, explains, ‘Often, some sort of covering will be needed to mask the wall. This can range from a simple lick of paint up to a total rebuild with a different material, but the most cost-effective way of achieving the desired look is to use some sort of wall cladding.’

4. Cover with natural screens

Similar to those looking to hide an ugly fence, those who are looking to hide an ugly garden wall can also take advantage of natural screens. These do the same job as cladding and composite garden screens but also have the added bonus of bringing wildlife into the garden and adding a more natural touch to your space. If you choose to cover your fence with natural screens like the best privacy trees, you have two options: you could leave them to grow wild, or you could opt for more structured options.

5. Decorate it

If the above options don’t float your boat, why don’t you decorate your ugly garden wall instead? By doing this, you can make it less ugly while also adding more visual appeal to your garden as a whole. Emma says, ‘Distract using accessories. This can be done by adding an outdoor rug or simply adding a few throw cushions. Hanging some curtains can cover the wall and diffuse harsh sunlight, creating the ultimate comforting vibe.’

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