Mirrors are in every home. They not only fulfill their direct function (show reflection), but are also used as a full-fledged decor element. The most popular models are wall-mounted. They can be of any shape and size, with or without a frame. In this article, we will show you how to attach a mirror to a wall, door, or closet in different ways.

General rules

Regardless of where you will attach the product, whether you use a drill or other methods, there are a few rules that will allow you to do everything neatly and beautifully.

Measure the dimensions and weight of the mirror with the surface where you will hang it. For example, a cabinet door made of chipboard or MDF may simply not be able to withstand a heavy model in a massive frame. In the same way, not all mounting methods will fit certain sizes.

Think carefully about the location of the object. So, for example, if you are going to hang a mirror in a room where there is a sleeping place, evaluate whether it will not be uncomfortable for someone who spends the night there to see their reflection in the dark. In small rooms, wall decor should be placed so that it does not interfere and there is no risk that it will be touched and dropped.

Before attaching the mirror to the wall, furniture front, or door, draw the correct placement with a pencil. This will help not to miss and not hang the product crookedly.

If the room is small or lacks natural light, try to place the mirrored surface so that the reflection hits the window. This will double the amount of light and at the same time visually increase the space.

If possible, hang the mirror away from air drafts. So less dust will fall on it, and this, in turn, will greatly simplify cleaning.

To give the product strength, you can stick it not immediately on the surface, but first on a sheet of chipboard or plywood. This will make it thicker and heavier, it will protect it from damage from careless pressure.

You need to hang the mirror at such a distance that it is convenient to use it: you do not have to bend over or stand on tiptoe to see your reflection. If you are hanging a high model, it must be at least 140 cm high and 25-50 cm from the floor. A compact one is hung at an average height of 1.5 m. Focus on the average height of the residents and figure out the location so that the center of the canvas is at eye level.