To place several rooms, a spacious kitchen, and storage space on 40 square meters is not an easy task, which only the pros can do. Designer Nikita Zub proposed to use the loggia and created two options for the layout of the new apartment for the couple. Before choosing, customers had to weigh all the pros and cons.


Given Apartment House type: monolithic house Apartment area: 41 sq. m (+ loggia – 12.7 sq. m) Room: 1 Bathroom: 1 Stove: electricity Customers: a married couple planning to get baby Wishes: make a living room, a spacious kitchen, a bedroom Provide a place for a child and a workplace for the customer.


Option 1 - The kitchen area was reduced and a corner set was installed in the resulting niche. - The bedroom was separated from the living room by glass partitions with a curtain. - Next to the kitchen, a place was allocated for an isolated nursery. - The loggia was divided into two small rooms: for parents and the unborn child. - A niche for a washing machine and storage systems was designed in the bathroom.

Option 2 - The bedroom was made on the loggia, at the same time setting a small crib there. - The living room and kitchen became almost a single space – this helped to add air to the apartment. - In a smaller part of the divided loggia, a home office was set up, and a second workplace was organized in the living room. - The washing machine was installed in a niche in the hallway.

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