1. Kitchenette in apartments for daily rent The design of this studio took a minimalistic approach to create a visually spacious and light space. The designers had to place everything necessary for a short stay of 1-2 guests in a small space.

2. Tiny kitchen with accent splashback This compact apartment is also designed for rent. The designer was given a difficult task: to make the most functional interior without redevelopment and at the same time not go beyond the designated budget.

3. Minimalist kitchen in a niche It was possible to create an airy and at the same time quite bright interior of the kitchen in a small niche. It is fenced off from the living room with a glass partition, but not solid in the form of an arch.

4. Bright space with sky-blue furniture The interior of this kitchen is decorated in a bright and atypical palette for small rooms. The main accent is the sky blue color, which was used on the facades of the headset. It successfully contrasts with different shades of wood, which balances it in warmth.

5. Stylish kitchen in warm natural colors The space of this kitchen looks very inviting – largely due to a well-chosen palette. It is based on neutral natural shades of green and beige. Both colors are warm, which makes the kitchen especially cozy.