How to Design a Timeless Kitchen You’ll Love Forever

Focus on Functionality

You know what never goes out of style? Smart design. That's especially true in the kitchen, where families hang out the most. "A well-through-out, easy-to-navigate kitchen allows for everyday routines to feel simple, natural, and artful all at the same time," designer and former executive vice president and chief creative officer at Ralph Lauren Alfredo Paredes says.

Keep It Real

Skip those machine-made tiles. Natural materials are key for creating a timeless look, insists designer Emily Barry. "It's the manmade materials that tend to go out of style quicker," says Barry

Mix New and Old

Get your Live Auctioneers and eBay reflexes ready. Juxtaposing styles and time periods keeps spaces looking fresh, interesting, and timeless. "If you do all traditional or all modern, it's going to date the space faster than if we mix the traditional elements with some modern pieces," Barry says.

Buy What You Like

"First and foremost, it's important for people to buy what they like—not what social media tells them to like," Seiders says. Invest in the materials you're drawn to because you love them. If the color red makes you feel alive, then skip the California-neutrals-and-olive-tree look that's currently all over Pinterest, and go bold.

Layer Neutrals

No matter how timeless the design is, our tastes will change. As a safety mechanism, Seiders likes working with a neutral palette that includes creams, browns, inky blues, and sage greens.

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