How to design a living room – expert advice on planning and decorating

How To Design A Living Room Layout

A successful living room layout should take into account where the furniture is – the space in between that permits traffic flow within and through the room, but also avoids a cluttered atmosphere – the negative space, and focal points.


Whether it’s a functional requirement or inspiration taken from living room pictures you have seen in a magazine, we always start the design with initial inspiration images. Discuss budget and get technical with numbers, and have a lot of fun viewing and analyzing inspiration images to really hone in on what your goals are

Choose The Best Color Palette

The color palette you select for your living room should reflect your personal taste, but the benefits created by different living room paint ideas and schemes should also be assessed.

Pay Attention To Walls

The walls are a major part of any living room scheme and have a major influence on the appearance of the room. Therefore, as well as considering painting them, you might want to weigh up using wallpaper all round the room, on one wall, or in a limited area such as an alcove.

Decide On Flooring

Living room flooring can be an understated presence or an eye-catching feature. Solid wood flooring is a favorite choice – it will stand up to the foot traffic of a busy living room and it ages beautifully. It can also be sanded and refinished if necessary.

Select Living Room Furniture

The sofa is likely to be the principal feature of a living room, so it’s a good idea to start planning living room furniture with this item. Bear in mind that it needs to allow room for circulation as well as feeling proportionate to the room and its features – plus provide enough seating space.

Factor In Living Room Storage

Planning in sufficient storage for a living room is essential. Many pieces look handsome in their own right as well as providing stash space: think cabinets, armoires, desks, console tables or larger console cabinets and dressers.

Layer Up Lighting

Good living room lighting ideas require three lighting types – ambient, task and accent – to create different moods and fulfill all the functions they need to.

Dress The Windows

The window treatments in a living room need to enhance the decorative scheme, but it’s crucial that they’re functional, too. They might need to create privacy, darken the room for watching movies and boxsets, and reduce glare from the sun.

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