Living room styling – 7 ways to style a living room like a pro

1. Begin With The Living Room Floor

'Starting from the ground up, let a rug serve as the foundation to your living room and build from there – I’d even recommend nailing the rug to truly anchor it within the space.'

2. Hang Window Treatments That Boost Light Levels

'Make sure your window treatments are a top priority! Take those rods up, up, up, and off the window trim (if possible) so the maximum amount of light can shine through. The more you play with light this way, the more coziness and warmth you can welcome in.'

3. Choose Seating That Suits Your Lifestyle First

'When it comes to living room seating, think about your head count and all the ways you’ll be using your living room: Do you like to entertain? Do you enjoy snuggling up? Do prefer to lounge or sit formally? Create seating opportunities that fit the way your household thrives.'

4. Layer Lighting To Vary The Living Room's Moods

'Layer in the living room lighting, and have fun with it! Don’t just rely on one source either – consider overhead lights, wall lamps, and floor lamps to truly make it shine. More layers of light = more mood. And, don't forget to put all of your lights on dimmers!'

5. Boost Wellbeing With House Plants

'Greenery never fails in the living room, and all forms are welcome! Bring the outside in by situating plants and trees across the space for an unexpected, yet fresh and lively energy.'

6. Buy Vintage For Character

'Vintage is gold. Give the people something to talk about and incorporate something unique that no one else will have. Vintage items are instantly a conversation spark, and best of all, I’m confident that you’ll cherish it forever.'

7. Add Texture With Woven Fabrics

'When selecting fabrics for your living room furniture, go for woven with more than one yarn color. If your living room is going to be that true family gathering space, these pieces will get a lot of love and hold a timeless design presence for all to enjoy.'

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