1. Slats and moldings Moldings go well with different wall finishes: paint, wallpaper, and decorative plaster. In a modern style, they can be replaced with wooden slats. So, in the example in the photo, they are placed behind the headboard at different distances from each other and duplicate the shade of the curtains in color.

2. Bright poster or picture A traditional and timeless way to decorate the wall behind the bed is a poster or a picture. It can be a neutral version in pastel colors with an inscription, or, conversely, a contrasting pattern that will become the main accent in the room.

3. LED sign A bright and unusual trick for the bedroom is to hang a neon sign behind the bed, adding industrial touches to the interior. This is not the most typical solution for a bedroom, but that is why it looks interesting.

4. Decorative panel A more interesting alternative to a poster or a picture would be a decorative panel at the head of the bed. At the same time, its shape and size can be very different – depending on the style of the interior and the size of the room.

5. Contrast paint You can use a minimum of decor or abandon it altogether, and paint the wall behind the headboard in a rich color. In this case, you determine the degree of brightness yourself. If you want to get a fairly calm and relaxed interior, choose a neutral base and slightly more active paint for the accent wall.

6. Accent wallpaper You can beautifully decorate the space behind the head of the bed with the help of accent wallpaper. Feel free to choose a contrasting shade or an active print (or both). Finishing combinations can be very different.