How to decorate tastefully for Halloween – 5 expert tips to balance the tacky with beautiful this holiday

1. Go Natural

Whether you practice making your own Halloween craft ideas or take a more sustainable approach, decorating your home with natural materials for Halloween is a great way to keep your décor grounded and looking sophisticated.

2. Consider Your Color Scheme

Most common Halloween decor is made in garish, standoffish colorways, with luminous oranges and slime greens dominating the palette. Toning this scheme down by either embracing darker, more luxurious tones or following a more carefully planned fall color scheme will help to tone the season down.

3. Use Real Candles For A Spooky Yet Luxurious Look

Candles, although not inherently spooky in any way, can add a mystical look to your home during the Halloween period. Using some of the best candles as an alternative to blinking Halloween toys will light your home delicately and add a soft glow with shadows, alluding to the scarier side of the season.

4. Avoid Plastic Decor

'It probably goes without saying but avoids inflatables, oversized plastic decorations, and anything that needs a plug or batteries if you want your home to have a tackily tasteful Halloween theme,' advises James. 'If you feel that your Halloween setup is feeling a little empty, head to a charity shop to look for old dusty vases, lampshades, and candlestick holders to add more depth.' Although decorating with antiques is a common design style, the older vintage pieces take on a new meaning when lit with candlelight and styled in the month of October.

5. Use Traditionally Halloween Motifs Sparingly

Spooky ornaments, particularly designed for outdoor Halloween decor, often go in heavy with traditional motifs such as bats, spiders, witches, and pumpkin cutouts. While these make for a great stereotypical Halloween display, they may easily reduce the appearance of tasteful luxury decor.

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