How to decorate a dressing room: 15 elegant examples

For neat women — open storage system Dressing room decoration can say a lot about its owner. So, in contrast to sexist stereotypes, this room for storing the girl’s belongings is not made in the style of “blonde in law”. It is ironic that the owner of this apartment is just a lawyer. It was important to her that there was always order at home. To do this, a strict dressing room in gray tones is equipped with a large number of shelves and hangers, there is also a mirror to bring your image to perfection. True, if an order of magnitude suddenly there is no time, this room, separated from the bedroom by glass partitions, can always be hidden behind a curtain.

For serious people – closed storage systems Since this time the architects Alexander Kozlov and Anastasia Blagodarnaya designed the interior of their own house, the couple carefully thought through absolutely everything – from walls, windows, and doors to furniture, art, and accessories. This affected, of course, the dressing room: all the walls are lined with wooden panels, which hide both the clothes of the owners and the interior doors. And so that the space did not turn into a wooden box, the carpet was put on the floor with a special weave of the pile – it is not trimmed but in the form of loops, on which it is pleasant to walk barefoot.

For those who know how to find a compromise – dressing rooms with glass facades The Moscow apartment of designer Olga Maleva is a vivid example of how you can combine one with the other. The dressing room with the window is combined with the bathroom, and the storage system itself is closed here, and at the same time in plain sight – the clothes are removed behind the glass facades. True, in such cases it is always worth remembering about air circulation – it is better to equip such a space with good ventilation (the same is true for dressing rooms without windows in the bedroom).

For owners of a large number of decorations – dressing rooms with showcases A good dressing room can become from the usual practical space a favorite and special place in the house. And so it happened to the owner of this project the Ukrainian designer Rina Lovko. In addition to the fact that there are rows with spacious terracotta cabinets, the center of the composition was a showcase for jewelry and accessories of the client, and the window managed to install a dressing table.

For couples – dressing room for two When planning a dressing room, you need to consider many aspects: lighting, ventilation, and volume of things. But if it has to be shared with a partner, then here you need to be sure that joint gatherings will not cause discomfort to anyone and everyone will be able to dress at the same time. Therefore, the best solution will be separate racks opposite each other. For the “clash of interests,” do not worry, still the movement of each person will be along his hangers and shelves from one end to the other.

For artistic ladies – dressing rooms with backstage This option with curtain backstage will become almost the main element of the dressing room and will add an element of the game to the space – imagine how effectively you can push the curtains and get into your personal “dressing room”. The owner of such an interior is unlikely to be surprised by sudden applause.

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