How to decorate a den – 5 expert tips for the perfect comfort room

1. Define Its Purpose

The first step when learning how to decorate a den is to work out its purpose as this will determine the look and feel of all the other elements in the room. Is your den to be a quiet place where you enjoy reading your book? If so then draw on reading nook ideas and pair a comfy armchair with bookshelf ideas.

2. Pick A Moody Color Palette

By definition, a den (also known as a snug room) should feel cozy and relaxing – something that can be achieved by your choice of color scheme. Dens are predominantly used in the evening, and as such work well with dark colors and ambient lighting – be sure to incorporate ways to add warmth to a room, too.

3. Layer Lighting

In a den, the right lighting scheme is vital. ‘Coziness is key for the room that does what it says on the tin – the den should be the most welcoming space in the home, and somewhere to relax and unwind from the day,’ explains Jo Plant, head of design at Pooky.

4. Select The Perfect Upholstery

When learning how to style a den, the priority is relaxation. With this as the aim, the power of seating can’t be underestimated. ‘When it comes to selecting upholstery, it’s important to think carefully about how your couch will be used and by whom,’ explains Suzanne Musemeci, head of sales at Sofas & Stuff .

5. Create A Cozy Atmosphere

There are plenty of cozy living room ideas and cozy corner ideas that can influence how to style a den. ‘Dens are generally cozy spaces that invite you in with plenty of soft fabrics, plush cushions, and deep colors. The aim is to create a cocooning feel; a space in which to escape the outside world. Plaids and wools work well here and when paired with deep colors, like Mouses Back by Farrow and Ball, heavy curtains, and a roaring fire, you have the perfect haven within the home,’ explains Louise Wicksteed

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