Christmas porch decor – 20 ideas to create a warm, festive welcome

1. Choose The Right Tree

The very first step is ensuring you choose the right tree for your space and your style. Size matters – if you’re going big, ensure you know how tall your ceilings are so you can make sure there’s enough space to fit in your Christmas tree topper ideas. It’s also becoming more and more important to source trees sustainably, so look out for suppliers who do so.

2. Position Your Tree

Choose the position of your Christmas tree – and prioritize somewhere where it won’t get knocked as people squeeze past. If you’re concerned about keeping a Christmas tree alive, avoid standing it near direct heat, especially if it’s a fresh tree.

3. Pop On The Lights

‘When it comes to festive lighting, everyone knows that your tree is the highlight of your living room during the holiday season, so focus your efforts here for the best results,’ says Michael Meiser, president of Lumilum.

4. Add The Tree Topper

Forget adding your topper right at the end. If you leave it until the last step when the tree is fully decorated there’s a danger you’ll knock off precious decorations when you’re trying to get it onto the tree. It’s much more straightforward to position your topper at this stage.

5. Fill With Picks And Sprays

Think of these as the ‘filler’ you’d often find in a floral arrangement – if you’re wondering how to make a Christmas tree look fuller, picks and sprays will add texture to your tree and fill any spaces between the branches for a fuller, more luxurious look.

6. Hang Your Core Tree Ornaments

Start hanging your baubles in your chosen base color (limit the color scheme to three or four shades max unless you’re going for an all-out maximalist look), using larger ones at the bottom and medium sized baubles in the central area and top of the tree.

7. Add Your Feature Decorations

These extra-special decorations add character and wow to your tree. Whether heirlooms, collectibles or homemade ornaments, position the heaviest decorations towards the inside of the tree first, so the weight is supported by the larger branches.

8. Take Time On The Finishing Touches

Look at your tree from a good distance back so that you can take in any holes, gaps or areas in need of extra twinkle. Smaller decorations such as mini baubles, bells or small hanging stars are the ideal fillers.

9. Finish With A Tree Skirt

The tree stand isn’t something you want on display, so use Christmas tree skirt ideas to cover it up until it gets hidden behind a stack of beautifully wrapped gifts. It doesn’t have to be a readymade product – try disguising the stand with fabric that ties in with your theme such as burlap, linen, faux fur or sheepskin.

10. Think About The Surrounding Area

The festive spirit shouldn’t stop at the tip of your tree’s branches – ensure it filters out gradually into the rest of your Christmas living room decor ideas by adding some coordinated decorations and atmospheric touches around your tree.

11. Lay Out Your Presents

A Christmas tree isn’t complete without a layer of excitement-inducing presents tucked in at its base. Whether you like to lay them out early to ramp up the anticipation or leave them to the night before, you and your household may want to consider tying in your wrapping to the decor theme of your tree. Color-coordinated presents are the ultimate stylish finishing touch to a dazzling Christmas tree.

Do You Put Lights Or Ornaments On A Christmas Tree First?

Put the lights on a Christmas tree before the ornaments. It’s much easier to check that string lights are positioned evenly – from top to bottom and around the branches – when there is nothing else on the tree. Adjusting them as necessary will be easier, too, as you won’t be in danger of dislodging other tree decorations.

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