How to declutter a closet like a pro — try these 7 tips

1. Take everything out

If time allows, the easiest way to get started is to remove everything from your wardrobe. Apart from seeing more clearly what you have and what you've forgotten you’ve got, you can give your closet a thorough clean. You might be surprised at how much dust and lint accumulates.

2. Get sorting

Now that everything is out of your closet, you can sort it into sections for pants, skirts, dresses, tops, sweatshirts, nightwear and underwear. Once complete, sort them into everyday, occasional and seasonal wear. And if you can bear it, group them into colours.

3. The ruthless art of decluttering

If you’re a natural hoarder, the word ‘declutter’ might not be in your dictionary. And, if, like me, you’ve removed items from your closet in the past only to put them back again before they’ve had the chance to be put in a donations bag, you might feel overwhelmed before you’ve even started.

4. Store seasonal and occasional wear

There’s no need to have swimwear and sarongs cluttering up your wardrobe when they’re only worn while you’re on holiday or summer clothing mixed in with warm winter woollies. Get into the habit of sorting out your clothing into seasons, reducing the amount of clothing you’re confronted with each morning that isn’t appropriate for the time of year.

5. Organize your storage system

I always find it easier going into a store where everything is laid out neatly. For me, going sales shopping is a nightmare. The disorganized chaos leaves me confused as I need to figure out where to look, and I often come out empty-handed.

6. Hang up or roll up

When placing your clothing back in your closet, start by ditching any wire hangers. Although exceptionally slim and they don’t take up much space, wire hangers  will mark your clothes. Swap to an alternative that will give your clothes the TLC they deserve.

7. Keep on top of the clutter

Now you’ve learnt the art of decluttering your closet, you don’t want to be back where you started in six months’. There are a few simple tricks to keep your wardrobe tidy and organized forever.

One in one out

If buying a new item, ditch another. If you don’t stick to this rule, your wardrobe will soon mount up with items you no longer wear.

Think before you buy

Do you really need that new item, or is there already a similar garment in your wardrobe?

Be sale savvy

It can be tempting to pick up bargain items in the sales, so I always ask myself, would I have bought them at full price? If not, the discounted item isn’t the bargain it first appeared. Although, there are some exceptions when you love the item but can’t afford the full price.

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