How to Deal With Nosy Neighbors

Neighbors are different. Sometimes we get unlucky and they turn out to be too curious, pushy, or loud. We tell you how to hide from them. How to protect your rights to privacy and at the same time not violate the rules of good manners.

1. Fence and green spaces A building or renovating a house, as well as planning a garden plot, is the best time to take into account all the nuances. You have to think ahead.

2. Windows, terraces, porch The first line of defense: is the outer perimeter, gates. Second: approaches to the house and openings through which light and air enter it.

3. Garden paths When the path leads directly to the house, prying eyes follow it. But if you round the paths and hide their turns behind multi-level trees, bushes, and flower beds, prying eyes can be avoided. If you still want straight lines, think about diagonals.

4. Pergolas, gazebos, tents If possible, move the open space to rest under the roof. Flowerpots with trees and fragrant herbs, combined with other vertical gardening techniques, will be very useful there and will hide you from prying eyes.

5. Winter Garden Where it is fresh and damp, a free-standing or adjoining structure with provided ventilation solves several problems at once.

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