How to create the perfect summer kitchen: 6 tips

The outdoor kitchen can be a chic place for socializing and entertaining. We figure out with the help of designers how to make this space so that it is hospitable and has the most necessary tools for cooking.

From inside to outside One of the latest fashion trends in outdoor kitchens is the almost literal repetition of internal structures, but only from materials that can withstand high-temperature loads and are resistant to moisture changes. Now the level of such developments allows you to make almost any design to order. The trend is only expected to pick up steam as people consider their outdoor kitchen as important as the one inside the house.

Portable pizza oven On one thing, all designers agree: pizza ovens are hugely popular. In some cases, they are a problem, because many models are large and bulky. However, small portable versions have begun to appear that can be used outdoors without starting a fire or heating the device to the desired temperature, which often requires planning and forecasting.

Party accessories Drawers for heating, built-in blenders, TVs, and ice makers are also now taken out. The designers note that the pandemic has greatly influenced the passion for preparing cocktails in the fresh air: for a long time it was the only opportunity to hold a party. Now, before starting a summer kitchen, you need to understand where there will be a place for cocktail ice, and whether it will be crushed or cubed.

Necessary appliances An outdoor kitchen will need tools for cooking, cooling, and cleaning, so you need to organize an extensive set of appliances. Most often, the minimum set looks like this: a grill and a place for an open fire. However, more and more often they provide an additional grill built into the countertop. As for the hood, it is usually not advised to install it if the room is open and well-ventilated. But some designers believe installing it doesn’t just help control smoke and cooking odors, it makes the whole space a lot more comfortable.

Countertop material Countertops that look amazing indoors can quickly lose their appeal when outdoors. Any porous marble will not work outside. You must use dense, very durable, non-staining surfaces. The tiles fit perfectly. Some types of stone may also work, depending on how heavily they are used and how susceptible they are to things like oils and fats. Recently, there have been many requests for stainless steel, as it is very easy to clean, and if such a countertop is also seamless, then there will be no gaps in it where insects can crawl.

Lighting and details While the ambient glow of the pool can create a romantic atmosphere at night, making dinner requires the right lighting. To cook, you need more light, and this is often forgotten. Hanging lampshades and under cabinet lights can keep the space usable long after the sun has set; portable table lamps also add to the experience.

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