How to create a stylish interior without a designer

1. Give up complex forms Waves, zigzags, and semicircles are in the past. Choose a clear geometry, and strict lines. Circle, square, rectangle.

2. Try to maintain the maximum ceiling height Drywall boxes in three rows only clutter the space and do not bring anything new and beautiful to it.

3. Choose 3 primary colors If you want to create a monochrome interior, three colors are enough. You can add one accent. Advice: if you want a win-win option – this is gray (you can have several shades) + white + black (minimum) + natural wood (you can have 2 similar shades). If you want to add an accent color, then yellow or turquoise look very beautiful in these combinations.

4. Don’t skimp on what should last a long time Here is a list of those things on which you can not save: flooring, tiles, kitchen, and plumbing. Everything else can always be repainted or changed.

5. Think about storage systems Try to hide everything as much as possible, this will create a feeling of cleanliness. Bet on built-in shelves, racks, and cabinets. Leave the shelves open for decoration. Do not forget to think about a place to store household chemicals, mops, buckets, and dirty laundry.

6. Try combining elements from different styles Rule number 3 will help you with this. If you stick to the three primary colors, it will keep the overall harmony. For example, two chairs of different shapes, but the same color. We remind you that there should not be many accent details. For example, in the living room, made in the Scandinavian style, two classic accents are quite enough – a chandelier and a picture or a mirror.a-designer

7. Don’t overdo it with the finish Remember that the main task is to create a harmonious box in which you can play with the details, changing the mood. Bet on painting. Think about a few accents: wallpaper, brick, wood, or aged wall. The accent is a small element on the overall neutral background, do not forget about it.

8. Before the repair begins, clearly consider the lighting Make several levels of light: ceiling, sconces, and floor lamps, you can also illuminate something from below, it usually looks impressive on textured walls, for example, on bricks. We beg you, forget about the multi-colored LED backlight! Use dimmers – it’s very convenient.

9. Don’t clutter the interior Always bet on a clean space. A huge chandelier with a low ceiling looks absurd, no matter how beautiful it may be. Always leave large passages, at least a meter. Of course, each space is individual, but take care of the “air” in the interior.

10. Spend more time preparing Try making collages, it helps a lot to see the combination of different details.

11. Use more natural materials Wood, cotton, linen, stone – all this creates comfort, and in addition, it will age beautifully and will serve you for a long time.

12. Leave the choice of decor to the last moment Curtains, pillows, and paintings are better to buy at the very last moment. When the big picture is painted, it will be clear what is missing. Don’t be afraid to experiment with paintings. Bright elements in the style of pop art, for example, and other works of contemporary art give the space individuality.

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