How to choose your curtains for a designer look on a budget – interiors experts share what to look for

When decorating your home, curtains can often become overlooked in favour of more focal elements. And yet, curtains can either make or break a room, they can elevate it or make it look cheap. So to avoid cheapening your home and instead achieve a designer look on a budget, there are a few things to know about how to choose expensive-looking curtains like a pro. Whether you’re looking for high-end-style living room curtain ideas or drapes for the bedroom, the same principles apply as explained by our interior and curtain experts.

1. Avoid synthetic materials

Choosing the right material is probably the most important decision you can make when picking out your curtains. And the best curtain idea is to avoid synthetics and go for natural materials instead.

2. Opt for neutral colours and timeless patterns

When thinking about your curtain colours for the living room or any other space in the house, try to ignore current home decor trends. As these could start looking dated in a few years’ time. ‘There are a few colours that are considered “safe colours” when it comes to curtains,’ Emma says. ‘These colours mesh well with the vast majority of decor styles, are unaffected by trends, and can create a timeless, expensive feel. These colours include white, grey and brown.'

3. Consider size and length

‘Longer curtains that touch the floor look more expensive and luxurious whilst shorter curtains may look cheap,’ Emma puts it simply. But according to Kate, there is a little bit more to getting the size of your curtains just right. ‘Ill-fitting curtains can detract from the overall aesthetic, so precise measurements are essential,' she says. 'Learn how to measure your windows to dress them properly.'

4. Don’t forget curtain headings

When it comes to the perfect, designer-looking curtains, every element should come under scrutiny. From the way it hangs to how it hits the floor and what it looks like at the very top. ‘When choosing curtain headings, opting for a pencil pleat gives a more luxurious, tailored look compared to eyelets,’ Kate notes.

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