How to choose the right laminate for an apartment?

1. By wear resistance class Laminate is usually divided into classes. The most common: 31st, 32nd, 33rd and 34th grade. The first two are recommended for rooms with low traffic and floor load – for example, in the bedroom.  Grades 33 and 34 can be laid even in shopping centers and offices, and in an apartment such a laminate can last up to 25 years.

2. On moisture resistance Often the “weak” point of the laminate is the susceptibility to water. For this reason, it is rarely placed in the bathroom or kitchen, and sometimes even wet cleaning is limited so as not to damage the joints.

3. By color When choosing a color, start from several factors: The size of the room  – remember that dark colors visually reduce the area, and light colors increase; choose the color of the laminate for furniture and wall decoration stains appear brighter on a dark floor, so it is definitely not suitable for families with small children or animals.

4. According to the purpose of the room

4.1. For the bedroom and living room The bedroom is considered a room with low traffic, so it is enough for a laminate of 32 wear resistance class. But if there are children or pets in the apartment, choose a higher class coverage. In addition, it is worth studying other characteristics of the laminate.

4.2. In the nursery Two important factors when choosing a laminate for a children’s room are environmental friendliness and wear resistance. Therefore, choose 32 or 33 laminate class and pay attention to the quality certificates from the manufacturer.

4.3. In the kitchen Since the kitchen is a room with high humidity, use a moisture-resistant laminate, and for reliability, seal the planks around the perimeter of the room and at the thresholds. It is important to remember that when using sealant or glue at the junction of the planks, the shape of the lock can be broken. But there are exceptions – a moisture-resistant laminate with a guarantee from the manufacturer does not need such processing.

4.4. For bathroom In the bathroom, you can only use moisture-resistant laminate. If you are going to install a “warm floor”, pay attention to the compatibility of the coating with the heating system.

4.5. In the hall Laminate in the hallway is easy to scratch due to dirt and sand from street shoes. Choose a coating with increased wear resistance and do not forget about a moisture-proof mat at the front door – it will protect the laminate from damage.

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