It seems to many that it is impossible to make a small living room comfortable and beautiful at the same time. But even for the modest area, there are many design solutions for every taste.

1. Transparent furniture Making a piece of furniture invisible is a great idea if the living room has several functions at once. Tables, chairs made of high-quality plastic, or tempered glass will come in handy here – visually they will not clutter up the interior and will definitely fit into any environment.

2. Compact sofa Not all sofas are created equal. A model advertised as a three-seater may have very wide armrests and a backrest, with barely enough seating space for two people. Your choice is more compact models with narrow armrests or without them at all.

3. Hanging TV shelf One of the popular tricks in the design of small apartments is to raise furniture above the floor, for example, a TV stand: this way the area of the room seems larger. Yes, and cleaning, when numerous legs do not interfere, is a pleasure. Well, almost a pleasure.

4. Symmetrical cabinets There should be harmony in everything – especially in the arrangement of furniture in a small living room. Instead of one large cabinet, it is better to take two smaller ones and place them symmetrically on both sides of the TV or sofa.

5. Mirrors One large or several small mirrors will fit perfectly into the interior of a living room of any size. What is their merit? Firstly, they reflect light and make the room brighter and more comfortable. And secondly, they create the illusion that there are more meters in your room than there really are.

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