How to choose an armchair for the living room: 7 examples in different styles

An armchair for the living room should be chosen not only in appearance, but also in functionality: think about how much time you spend in this room, and we will tell you which model will suit you.

For meetings with friends As a rule, home meetings with friends often spill over into the kitchen or dining room. But they still begin in the living room. Therefore, for the convenience of guests, put a couple of neat chairs in the room: they are easy to move from place to place, they will not clutter the space, but they will give some freedom, and friends will not have to sit in a row on one sofa.

For large companies If there are often parties in your house, you can not do without additional seating. Choose light models without bulky parts, which, if necessary, can be used in the dining room.

For cozy evenings with a book This chair is exclusively for you, so choose without regard to guests. If you plan to read, give preference to a model with convenient back support, and to work with a laptop, look for an ottoman.

For family gatherings When a family gets together, you want to communicate by looking into each other’s eyes. On the sofa, this is quite difficult to do, so it is advisable to put a couple of chairs opposite and on the side. With this arrangement, it will be convenient to play board games with children and meet with friends.

For fast work on a laptop When you are tired of working at the table, you want to change the situation for a while. And then we move from the study or bedroom to the living room. It is dangerous to settle on the sofa – there is a risk of lying down more comfortably and not getting up, so a soft chair is ideal. The main thing is not to sit too long, otherwise you will spoil your posture.

For relaxation After a day’s work, you often want to go to bed, but we are still waiting for household chores, classes with children, and dinner. Therefore, you can take a short break reclining in a comfortable chair.

For deep relaxation And from such a chair you definitely do not want to get up even for dinner. Therefore, it will become your personal recreation area – settle there in special moments of relaxation, for example, on weekends, when there is no need to rush anywhere, or in the evening when the children have already gone to bed.

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