How to Choose a Design Style That Feels Right for You

When it comes to your interior design style, do you feel like you have lots of ideas but don’t know what to focus on?  Do you feel like your style is all over the place?

What are the most popular interior design styles in 2023?

The most popular interior design styles in 2023 include transitional, coastal, organic modern, traditional, Scandinavian, modern farmhouse, California casual, mid-century modern, minimalist, maximalist, contemporary, French country, industrial, eclectic, and post-modern.

Elements of different design styles

– If you love a refined, minimal, neutral, or streamlined look, consider Scandinavian, mid-century modern, Danish modern, Japandi, minimalist, or Bauhaus interior design styles.

– If you prefer a sophisticated, curated look with luxurious, refined elements, consider California casual, organic modern, transitional, modern farmhouse, or European farmhouse styles.

– If you’re drawn to a maximalist look incorporating chintz, pleats, tufts, and plenty of color and/or pattern, consider design styles like English country, grand millennial, or Hollywood regency.

– If you like charming spaces with lots of character and a collected look, consider cottage style, French country, island, Nancy Meyers, or coastal grandmother styles.

– And if you love colorful, soulful, layered spaces incorporating interesting shapes, patterns, vintage elements, and an abundance of plants, you might be drawn to eclectic, boho, or art nouveau interior design styles.

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