11 Creative Coffee Station Ideas That'll Perk Up Any Space

Mix Materials

No matter how beautiful your cabinetry is, swaths and swaths of the same shape, color, and profile can make your kitchen feel a bit stale. Instead, use the addition of a coffee bar as an opportunity to mix things up a bit. Here, designer Clara Jung of Banner Day Interiors paired soft blue shaker cabinets with an arched accent piece stained in rich walnut for a coffee station that brings a welcome jolt to the kitchen’s design.

Put a Pot Rack to Work

Looking to add a coffee station to your kitchen without the work (or price tag) of a major reno? Instead of relying on cabinetry to act as the backdrop for your at-home cafe, turn to a less permanent solution. To add functionality to this vintage-inspired coffee nook, creator Christine Higgs of For the Home paired a rustic wood table with expansive pot racks, which make the perfect spot to stash a collection of mugs, napkins to wipe up spills, and more.

Spotlight Your Sip

It’s taken you years to perfect your signature latte tulip—so why not treat it like the piece of art it is? An overhead picture light is the ideal way to illuminate your coffee station and bring some well-earned attention to your favorite corner. Here, creators Lauren and Kameron of The LKS Address created a bespoke coffee station, complete with floating shelves, ample storage, a brass picture light, and a standout walnut backdrop.

Tuck It Out of Sight

Homeowners who prefer the look of streamlined, simple countertops may scoff at the idea of adding more visual clutter by way of a coffee station—but it doesn’t have to be that way! Case in point? This hidden gem by Davonport, which is tucked away behind a pair of bifold doors that blend in with the rest of the cabinetry. Closed, there’s no visual clutter, but open it up and you have the perfect nook for mixing up your afternoon flat white.

Go Bold With Color

Apprehensive about color? Instead of coating your whole kitchen in a bold hue, opt for a standout shade just on a specialized section, like a coffee nook. This stunning station by Studio Dearborn is coated in a calming yet glamorous dusty blue (with matching subway tile) to ensure that your morning coffee isn’t the only thing that feels soul-warming.

Integrate Your Gear

For a custom look that would be at home in any high-end hotel or coffee shop, swap your countertop machine for a gadget that can be seamlessly integrated into your wall or cabinetry. In this space by Jenny Martin Design, a Bosch unit fades into the background amongst stone slab, white cabinetry, and white oak detailing.

Opt for Easy Access

Having your coffee station tucked out-of-sight in its own cabinet is great—but having to reach over your countertop and strain to brew your espresso is not. Luckily, this Davonport kitchen offers a genius solution. Instead of a stationary cabinet base, install a pull-out drawer to place your gadgets and gear atop for easy access anytime a coffee craving hits.

Hang Thematic Art

The best coffee stations may be born of practicality, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be a little playful, too. When decking out a spot to pull your daily espresso, consider working in charming additions, like decorative mugs, neon signs, and even thematic art. In this nook designed by Medina Grillo of Grillo Designs, an oversized print from Not on the High Street teams with slatted wall details and other brew-inspired accents for a playful, perky spot to sip.

Let There Be Light

When it comes to small changes with big impact, nothing makes an area feel more custom than great lighting. In this clever kitchen coffee nook, the Davonport Kitchen team was able to shine some light on everyone’s favorite afternoon pick-me-up by lining the custom cabinet with a perimeter of LED lights. Bonus: The low-key lights offer the ideal hint of illumination for anyone brewing themselves an early morning cup pre-work or as they burn the midnight oil.

Add Customized Storage

or many, a steaming mug of coffee in the A.M. is a calming and ritualistic way to start their day. But all those zen vibes go right out the window if you have to wrestle your favorite Nespresso pod out of a crowded drawer or battle with a teetering tower of canisters just for a spoonful of sugar.

Style Up a Standalone Piece

Built-in coffee stations may be among the most popular choices, but they’re not the only one—or even the right one, if you already have a well-thought-out and established kitchen layout. Instead of resigning to keeping your coffee gear in a jumbled mess on the countertop, snag yourself a standalone piece you can style up as a coffee command station. For this rustic-chic caffeine counter, creator Christine Littleton of This Haus of Ours put a wood hutch to work, with dedicated spots for mugs, an espresso machine, and more.

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