How to arrange a chill-out zone in an apartment: 7 stylish ideas

The recreation area in the apartment is almost the second most important after the bedroom. Therefore, it should be as comfortable and cozy as possible. Consider the best examples from design projects

1. Eastern boudoir Designer  Anastasia Ushakova arranged a chill-out zone in her apartment on the balcony: she installed a special podium with a warm floor and tiled it. She threw bright pillows and pillowcases which she brought from eastern countries – Uzbekistan, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Armenia.

2. Country house style The owner of this apartment near Moscow in the Pyatirechye residential complex does not want to live outside the city permanently but plans to go to the mountains on vacation seasonally, and therefore the designers of Evgenia Ermolaeva’s EEDS studio made sure that everything in the interior reminds of a small house in the mountains.

3. With a fireplace Designers from the Fisheye Design studio have created a comfortable chill-out area for receiving guests and drinking tea with the family — with a soft carpet, comfortable furniture, and a bio fireplace.

4. City view The designer Marina Sargsyan organized a recreation area with a view of the historical center of the city on the windowsill using a miniature mattress and warm orange pillows.

5. With the library The owners of this apartment in Rostov-on-Don have quite a lot of books. Daniil and Anna Shchepanovichi from  Cubiq Studio organized not only a place to store them but also several secluded corners where it is nice to retire with a book. One of them is on a loggia.

6. Chill out for a student Previously, trash was stored on this loggia, but designers Michael and Helen Miroshkin solved this problem and turned it into a mini-hookah room with a hammock, soft pillows, and a magnificent view of the park in a short time.

7. With a bar In a large apartment with an elegant interior, the loggia became a continuation of the living room. Designer Yulia Atamanenko turned it into a secluded bar with soft lighting and decorated in the same style.

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